June 25, 2018




Elder Lamb

World Cup and Bus Rides

Hello family and friends,

Another cycle in Saratov with Elder Lamb!
This past couple of weeks have been pretty crazy. We have been super busy. Everything is going well in Saratov. I will go to Riga (Latvia) for a visa trip this week.

We met some people on the bus that were totally into the World Cup. They also like basketball. Their favorite team is the Lakers-awesome. We kind of just hit it off. We exchanged numbers and invited them to our game night. They came and loved it. At the end we had a quick spiritual thought. After we left and went home, they sent us a text saying "tell us something about the mormon church". So we just replied to them about what we believe. Hopefully we get a meeting with them so we can explain in person. I have never received a text like that and it was pretty cool.

We had a lesson with Igor (the member that we met on the street as we were walking to the gym) it was super good. We talked about faith and how to strengthen it. It was awesome. He is so accepting and willing to keep commitments. I have hope.

We grinded (contacted) a lot this week. We played basketball, chess and just kept hopping on busses in order to talk with people. It was a really successfull week of contacting. We have made a lot of good friends.

On Thursday we got on a bus. It was pretty full and so I just stood next to some people. To start a conversation, I asked this guy "did Russia win?" He answered "yes, of course." We talked for a while about the World Cup. He actually played professionally in a city called Oofa. Then his mom told him to focus on school so he decided to quit soccer and start studying. Obey thy father and mother! He wants to play against us. I honestly don't know why because we are Americans. We can't play soccer with professionals from Eastern Europe. We will check it out and give it a shot though.

Yesterday we met a guy on the street who spoke great English. We asked him where he learned English. He told us about how he was an exchange student in Minnesota. We just talked for a while about what he liked about the experience. It was so interesting to see what school was like from the point of view of a Russian. He enjoyed it but he said that it was completely different than Russian schools. We should learn from each other.

Elder Kramer


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