May 5, 2018




Elder Johnson

A Week of Invitations

Hi guys,

Good week!

We were walking down the big street of Penza just talking with people, and all of a sudden we ran into one of our friends that has been having hard time. He got kicked out of his apartment and can't find a new one. We haven't seen him in awhile so we decided to walk with him. He is doing alright and he said that he is close to finding a new apartment. While we were walking with him we ran into all of his buddies. They all are awesome and want to learn English and one of them even challenged us to a basketball game.

We also met some people from the local Penza American football team. They invited us to come play with them. We showed up and just tossed the ball back and forth. They loved it. We had such a blast with them and they want us to teach them how to play. They are apparently pretty good for Russia, but it was hard to watch. They also all want to come learn English.

We had so many good conversations this week!

We went ice skating with our friends but my ice skating ability is well below par. We started to play tag and I was just getting picked on because I am the slowest. I tried to skate as fast as I can and when I do I always fall pretty hard and it is so funny. I went to take a break because I was tired and tired of falling and these girls asked "Why do you fall so much?" "Do you know how to ice skate?" I said "No, I don't know how" kind of laughing. They asked me where I was from. I asked them to guess. They said Germany. I was pretty proud of that and was wondering if I should play along with it, but I ended up saying I was from America. It turns out that they are learning English. We told them about our game night.

We make friends and invite them to game night so we can really tell them why we are here. It is hard but it is so much fun.

Love y'all. Good luck


Elder Kramer


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