May 15, 2017


Buin, Chile


Elder Villegas

The Lord Will Protect

Week 38: The Lord will Protect


Friends and Fam,

Wow, this transfer has been flying past. I'm still enjoying Buin, and Elder Villegas is still awesome. I'm thinking about asking President if he'll leave me here another transfer. ;-)

I loved being able to talk to my family this last weekend. Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms that have been such a big influence in my life.

Last Saturday we had an interesting experience with an investigator. After lunch as we were returning to the house, I felt the impression to pass by a future investigator we had contacted. They weren't home when we got there. As we were leaving, I though to pass by the home of an investigator that lived nearby. We got there, and he invited us onto his porch, and we realized that he was drunk...Like, incredibly very very super drunk. He began to swear at us profusely, and to threaten to beat up my companion, even to kill him. He threatened me a little bit too, but also told me that I'm his friend and I'm beautiful so he wasn't going to do anything to me. We were worried that he had a weapon. My heart was going about a thousand miles an hour, and I thought for sure that the situation would end up in a fight, but I passed my bike to my companion and moved the drunk slowly to the back of the patio, away from the gate. My companion quietly took the bikes out while I talked to the guy, then I followed. The drunk "investigator" tried to follow us out but we took off on the bikes. It was a wild experience and I definitely felt the protection of the Lord, and the guidance of the Spirit in handling that situation.

Speaking of protection from the Lord, I was reading Alma 43 today, and I invite you all to evaluate your spiritual armor so that you will be prepared to face your adversaries.

Love you all,
Elder Olson


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