January 13, 2020


Quillota Barrio


Elder Martineau


Hello everyone!

This week has been great!  In addition to having lots of people come to church, lots of new people to teach, and lots of lessons, we had the opportunity to bless several of God's children with his sacred Priesthood power.
We were able to be instruments in the Lord's hands on several occasions this week, but I'll only share my favorite.
We were walking between lessons the other day and were near the house of one of the families in the ward.  We thought to invite the Hermana to come to our lesson later on that evening.  We weren't sure if we should call or just knock on the door.  We decided to stop by quickly to invite her to the lesson.  While we were talking, she asked us to give her a blessing.  We gave one to her and then continued on our way.  While that was already powerful, it wasn't until our lesson that the testimony was truly strengthened.  At one point in the lesson, the Hermana began to bear her testimony of the power of prayer and Heavenly Father's attentiveness to our situations.  She related that her doctor had given her some bad news earlier on in the day, and she was in a bad spot.  No one was in a position to give her a blessing and she was crying while feeding her toddler.  While sitting there, she began to pray, asking Heavenly Father to send her angels.  She said that not even 15 minutes had passed by before we knocked on the door.  Something so small for us, decide to knock on the door instead of call proved to be the Lord's hand moving us to bless one of his daughters.  Never deny the promptings of the Spirit, you never know whom you will be able to bless. 
I hope you all have a great week,Elder Knight


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