October 26, 2020


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

Mustang is Awesome!

Spiritual thought: I was reading in 2 nephi chapter 4 this week which is a fantastic chapter and something really cool stood out to me. Nephi tells us that he delights in the things of the lord but then he says he often falls to the temptation of the flesh but he says that even though he fails God always loves him and supports him through his trials. I think we can all relate to Nephi here. We all strive to follow the lord to the best of our abilities but we all fall short and we can take comfort that no matter what God will always love us and he is there to support you through your trials!
Well I had my first week here in mustang 1 and it was so awesome! Mustang 1 is an amazing ward and area and I am so excited for this transfer, Here are some highlights from this past week. 
1) Transfers happened on Tuesday, Elder Dorrius picked me up from my apartment tuesday morning and we got to work! Elder Dorius is a beast and we actually went to high school together at dear ol davis highschool! The day I got here we had to give a big Stake facebook training so we prepared for that and gave it that night so that was really fun and it turned out really good!
2) We are teaching this guy named Ian and he is literally the most prepared person I have ever met. He is 25 and has been in the military and is  totally baller looking for the truth. He is on a baptism date for november 7th and we are so excited for him, We got to teach him 2 times this week and they were both fantastic lessons. We taught him the first part of the Plan of salvation and then the second half, he loved the plan of salvation and thought it made perfect sense, at the end of the second lesson we taught him the word of wisdom. After we got done teaching we asked him if he would follow it and he looked at us and said well if it's what I have to do to get here! (pointing to our Celestial kingdom piece) This is where I want to go so I will do anything. Wow so powerful, I was so humbled to have this opportunity to teach him because he grows my faith!
3) We had 2 ward activities this week and they both went great and our ward is so awesome! We had a youth activity that we got to be a part of so that was really fun. Then on saturday we had a trunk or treat and we got to see a lot of the ward members and a lot of the people we are teaching showed up so it was a great time! 
4) Sunday was awesome as always, but church was so cool because we had 3 of our friends come! It was such a great meeting. The talks were awesome and we actually got to sing so that was really cool and one of our friends, whose name is Matt, really liked that! 
Pic 1: us with the kid with the best costume at the trunk or treat #futuremissionarypic 2: m&m= Members & Missionaries pic 3: Me and Elder Dorius pic 4: The mustang elders and us early on pday hahapic 5: Best car at the trunk or treat
Love Elder Asplund


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