September 7, 2020


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

Praise Mosiah! (last weeks letter)

Spiritual thought: I've been thinking a lot lately on the power of having a positive mindset. This quote sticks out to me and has helped me a lot in my life "whether you think you can or cannot you are right" we can do anything we put our minds to and we can overcome anything that is hard in our life. Why do we sometimes choose to be sad, mad, or in a bad mood, God never intended us to feel like that constantly, he gives us trials, temptations, and hardships not to drag us down but to show us that we can grow so much more than we could ever imagine. CHOOSE to be positive CHOOSE to be nice CHOOSE to be better! It is all a choice, whether you want to have a good day or a bad one that is a choice, CHOOSE to turn your bad days into good ones CHOOSE to make your life better! Through the atonement of Jesus Christ we can always have good days so CHOOSE to follow Jesus Christ everyday. Why would you want to live in misery? That is Satan's plan CHOOSE to be better CHOOSE Jesus every day and let's all stop living in a negative place and let's CHOOSE to be positive!  
These past couple of weeks have been really good! Highlights 1) We had a Baptism on Saturday Lucas and Marcos Tirana got baptized and it was such an amazing and special experience to be a part of, I am so happy to be a part of the lord's work during this time! 
2) We were having dinner with one of our members and the husband said to us "I Have a referral for you guys. I was talking to my neighbor about my mission and she said she would like to learn more" so we were like awesome! At the end of our meal he said.... actually let's go over and see her right now so we just got up and went to her house and she was super nice and we set up a time to meet this wednesday so we are excited about that! 
3) This one is funny and the reason for the title of my email. We walked into 7 Eleven one day and this guy stopped us and said "are yall the mormons?" we said "nope, we are from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" and he says "what book do yall read out of?' and we said " the Book of Mormon" haha and he went on about how has the sealed part of the book of mormon and how he wants to show it to us and things like that and it was all pretty funny but then he said he had to go and as he was leaving he says "see y'all later, praise Alma, praise Moroni, praise Mosiah" and we just started laughing so hard! 
4) We get to do service every week for the salvation army and that is such a wonderful experience and we get to meet so many amazing people there every single week! 
We have another baptism this week of a family of 5 and we are so excited, great things are happening for the work of the lord it is truly amazing to be a part of it! love you all! 
Love Elder Asplund
Pic 1: us at service Pic 2: baptism!Pic 3 and 5: shaved ice! Pic 4: at church! 


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