July 2, 2020


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

Miracles are all around us!

Spiritual thought: This quote really had an impact on me this week "He rarely moves the mountains in front of us but he always helps us climb them." Oftentimes we are looking for the huge miracles in our lives that we forget about the little ones that happen to us every day! I would encourage all of you to look for the small miracles in your life. 
Day 1: Running around! To start the day we went over to Derek Creeks hotel, yes that's right we have so many missionaries in our mission right now we don't have enough apartments for all of them so some of them have to stay In hotels it's interesting for sure. But the good thing is they have computer access in the hotel and that's a good thing for us because one of our new things we have to do as Zone Leaders is we have to schedule posts for our Facebook page every week and it's a lot easier to do that on a computer rather than on our phones so that was a little miracle for us. That also means that we get to go on mini exchanges with the Deer Creek elders every week. So I split off with Elder Walton and that was a lot of fun especially since it was my first exchange in over 4 months! After that we had a lesson with Sherena and it went very well. Hopefully she keeps progressing well. 
Day 2: Miracle lesson! We started off our day by having MLC (mission leadership Conference) and that was amazing!! For sure one of the best training I have ever had. It was all about how to be a good and better leader. It was so amazing. We then had a lesson with our friends Robbie and Ailed and it went AMAZING! We got there and asked them if they had read the chapter we have them to read (we gave them a book of Mormon on Monday and asked them to read 3 Nephi 11) and they actually read it which is a miracle in itself. So we asked them what they got out of it and they got some amazing things out of it. Ailed said that she loved the part where all the people have to go and touch Jesus to gain their own personal witness, so I was blown away by that! Robbie said he didn't get much out of it, but he loved the part where Jesus talks about baptism and he said he thinks he probably needs to get baptized so that was super cool! We then talked about repentance and had a great lesson about the restoration. The spirit was so strong and when we told the first vision they were both crying it was truly an amazing experience! Then Robbie asked if we were allowed to meet 2 times a week and I was like heck yeah we are hahah so we will be meeting them every Wednesday and Sunday! 
Day 3: District Council! We had a district council today and it was really good. I learned a lot and we talked about our zone vision which is Miracles! After that we had a lesson with Dawnette that was kind of off the walls mostly because Dawnette is pretty crazy Haha. 
Day 4: 2 canceled lessons! This morning we had a special training from a church tech specialist on how to do a live event on Facebook so that was interesting! We  were supposed to have a lesson with Sherena and Kelton today but they both didn't answer so that was a bummer.
Day 5: Lots of Contacting! This morning we scheduled some posts for our Facebook page for the next week so we got to go on another mini exchange which was fun then we spent most of the day contacting people trying to set up stuff for next week. 
Day 6: Sabbath day! We had a really good Sunday today. We started off the day by having our weekly mission wide Sunday devotional and those are always great! We were supposed to start church today but due to the covid numbers spiking it got canceled so that was sad. But we had an amazing lesson with Robbie and Ailed. We taught them about the Plan of Salvation and they loved it. They said that it answered all the questions they had and the spirit was so strong! I love teaching them and hopefully we will put them on a baptismal date soon!! 
Love Elder Asplund
Pic 1: District p day over zoom hahaPic 2 and 3: District Council!Pic 4: me and elder Esmond 


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