April 6, 2020


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

General Conference Weekend!

Some highlights from this weekWe were able to talk to a lot of our members this week and we have built some really good relationships with them. We were able to have a lesson with this lady named Casey. She bashed us a little but...then she watched the conference so that was good. I had my second training as a district leader and I love being a district leader. It is so much fun! 
General conference was amazing this weekend and it was truly one I will never forget. There were a couple of themes that stood out to me. One was that we need to build the foundation of our testimonies to the fullest, these are the LAST days that means our testimonies need to be stronger than they have ever been! Second, the Lord does not expect us to be perfect! Our Heavenly Father loves us more than we could ever know and he wants to bless us. We just need to let him! We do this by showing him how much we love him by putting in effort, because the "Lord loves effort!" And lastly we all have the light of Christ in us and we need to let it shine on others to see but that is not enough we need to share it with others and help them down the path to our Heavenly Father! Again, God loves all of you and is watching over us. He has given us the gospel so we can hope for a better future and if you rely on him and he will help you! I love you guys and appreciate the letters and packages I have received, I also appreciate all the people that pray for me I truly feel those prayers in my everyday life! Love you all and have a great week!  Love Elder Asplund
Pic 1: us at work! Pic 2: it was 34 degrees this week what the heck! Pic 3: the quiche I made this week for conference.  


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