February 4, 2020


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo


Spiritual message: My spiritual message this week comes from the scripture Jacob 4:14, and what really stood out to me in this is the part where it talks about looking beyond the mark. I have seen that a lot on my mission and I think we do it a lot as members of the church. We look so far past the mark that we forget the things that we need to do just to get to the mark. The mark is this, eternal life and being able to live with our families forever! We all want that...who wouldn't, but sometimes....actually a lot of the times we look so far past the mark that we forget that that's what it is. And it is super simple on how to get to that mark and that is to hold on to the iron rod. We need to be doing the little things every day like reading our scriptures and praying. Those are primary answers but they are the things we forget most often how ironic. We need to stop focusing on the imperfect people in the church and start focusing on the perfect gospel that is in the church. I would advise all of you to look and see if you are focused on the mark or if you are looking beyond and repent and readjust. I love you all and hope that you guys had a great week! 
Day 1: Committed Brandon to Baptism! Today was pretty awesome! We started off the day with having a lesson with Brandon, he was a self referral that we got at the beginning of this transfer he's awesome and really loves Jesus and just wants to progress more and grow a closer relationship with him. Well we had a great lesson about the gospel of Jesus Christ the spirit was super strong and we invited him to be baptized and he said YES! So we asked him to pray about a date and we are super excited for him! Well after that we weekly planned for most of the day and then had dinner and a meeting with our ward mission leader! (first one that brookhollow has had in 6 months so things are really changing!)
Day 2: No one is home! We started off our day with studies and lunch with a member, this member's name is Brother Doyle he is pretty crazy but invites us over for lunch every week sometimes multiple times he's inactive but it's because he really can't move because he very big haha but he's awesome, sometimes we have some crazy weird food.  Today was Brats in a tortilla with cheese and honey mustard and cheese not the greatest meal but still super grateful. But we had a good talk with him and at the end he said that we are his favorite missionaries in over 2 years and that's why he invites us over so much that made me so happy! After that we had 4 lessons planned went to the first house no one answered, went to the second house no one answered, went to the third house and guess what no one answered, went back to the first house and still no one answered. So we went to the fourth house with a member who was a recently returned missionary his name is Nephi super cool and so we went there and you wouldn't believe, but no one was home, so crazy! We then went and did some finding and had dinner with a member. Well this dinner was pretty cool because we brought our friend Brandon who our member invited and that was super awesome and helped Brandon a lot!
Day 3: Broken Arrow! So cool thing about our area is that most of it is in Tulsa but a little section is in Broken Arrow and that's where a lot of our members are well this section is 8 miles away so we can't get down there often but we felt prompted to go down there so we did! So we left at 9 and biked 8 miles down there to go do some work and it was really fun! I was not excited at first but we had a great time! We went to the mall to have lunch and saw the YSA and New Haven Elders there so we had lunch with them that was fun! We then went and saw some members down there and went tracting for about 3 hours not much success but got to talk and meet some new people and members and it was a great time! 
Day 4: Interviews + Exchanges! Started off our day with Interviews with president Christensen and it was amazing we had a great talk and learned a lot thats always a great time! We then started exchanges with Riverside and I was with Elder Wiliams! We had a great time, went tracting for 2 1/2 hours and it was a lot of fun, I got to know Elder Williams more and he's awesome! We had a really funny door approach, we knocked on this guys house and he opens the door and we tell him we are missionaries and he says sweet do you guys want to come in and eat some soup with me and my family (we were on our way to a dinner apt.) so we said no, but we would love to share a message about Jesus Christ, then he said oh thanks we are good but are you sure you don't want some soup. haha it was super and probably one of the nicest rejections I have ever had! We then had an awesome dinner with a member and ended the night. 
Day 5: Finished Exchanges! Well we were still on exchanges this morning and so we went and did service for one of the people they are teaching and that was a lot of fun! Then we finished our exchange and then had a correlation meeting with our ward mission leader it was pretty good and really productive! 
Day 6: Superbowl Sunday! Well congrats to the chiefs! And not a super eventful day but our friends Cliff came to church so that was super awesome! 
Love Elder Asplund


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