January 6, 2020


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

First week in Brookhollow!

Spiritual message: my spiritual message this week comes from the scripture Matthew 14: 28-31 and this is when Peter walks on the water with Jesus.  Peter in this story is walking on the water and is able to when he is focused on Christ but as soon as he gets distracted by other things he starts to sink. But just like Peter we can call unto Christ and reach out our hand and he will grab us and pick us back up! We need to keep our eyes in Christ always if we want to walk on the water but when we start to sink we need to stretch out our hand to God and ask for his help and he will help us!! Love y'all and hope you had a great week!
Day 1: Last day with Elder Palmer also New Years Eve! Fun last day with Elder Palmer, did some finding and handed out 1 last book of Mormon together! Then went to a members house with the rest of the zone for New Years Eve! Got to watch some football so that was basically awesome! 
Day 2: Transfers! Got dropped off with my new companion Elder Miles. Elder Miles is awesome he is from layton and his grandparents know my grandparents so that's crazy! He's a super hard worker and loves the work so i think we will get along great! We then went finding didn't have much luck but it was still a good time. We then went and visited a member and she talked to us for an hour so that was fun haha. We had to be in at 5 so that was pretty much the day. 
Day 3: First Real day in Brookhollow! Started off the day with some weekly planning which was awesome because I got to hear about all our people we are teaching and it got me hyped to go and meet and teach them! We then went and knocked doors which was a lot of fun! My first door got slammed in my face I thought it was really funny! Then the next door that opened up and bashed us also super funny and then the last door that opened took a book of Mormon so that was awesome! Ended the day by having a dinner with a family named the Smiths they were awesome! 
Day 4: District Council! Started off the day with district council with my district it was pretty awesome! We then continued the awesome day we went and tried to contact some people we are teaching no one answered but as we were doing this we decided to do some finding we worked super hard and found 3 potentials and 1 referral for the Hermanas  (the Spanish sisters). One of the potentials we found his name is Leonard and he was super interested and seemed super ready to hear the gospel so we are super excited about that! 
Day 5: Working Hard!! We decided to hit the finding and contacting hard today and we set 2 return appointments and found 4 more potentials. 1 of these potentials is named Brad, Brad was sitting down on the curb when we went up to talk to him we had some small talk and then talked about what we do he got super excited and said he definitely wants to learn more! We are super excited to hopefully start teaching him! Then we were biking back to dinner and had 15 min to kill so we decided to knock some doors and we found this guy named Sam he's super cool and said he totally wants to talk to us so we gave him a book of Mormon and we got his number! We are super excited about that he also works at Pepsi so that's cool haha. 
Love Elder Asplund


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