November 25, 2019


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

31 days till Christmas!

  Spiritual thought: We need to be turning the the Lord every day! Prayer is an amazing tool and we need to use that tool every day multiple times a day. When we feel alone or scared or like no one cares about you there's always one person that is there for you and it is your heavenly father! He wants to help us so badly but he can't help unless we ask so ASK! I have a firm testimony that Heavenly Father loves each one of us personally and abundantly and if we pray every day he will help us and show his love for us! 
This week was not super great and the next week probably won't be either because all the college students are going home from the holidays hahah but oh well we are hopeful! 
Day 1: We had a zone p-day today and it was so much fun we went to the planetarium and it was a ton of fun! We then went to FHE (family home evening) and it was a ton of fun we donated some cans and had an auction and it was super fun and we bonded with the members alot! 
Day 2: A whole lot of finding! We didn't have any lessons planned for today so we went finding all day! It was a lot of fun and pretty productive! We also prepared and planned for the next transfer and we are pumped for the next transfer! 
Day 3: long day! We did alot of finding again today didn't see alot of success today kind of discouraging but we push on! We had a good lesson with Sarah it was super productive and she is progressing really well and hopefully she will start seeing the truth in the Book of Mormon. 
Day 4: Another full day of finding! We went to TCC today and talked to alot of people so that was alot of fun! Went to the mall had a funny experience this guy came up to us his name was jared he was kind of crazy and was going off about the trinity and the Catholics and Baptists he then asked about Joseph Smith so we told him about the first vision and then he asked about the Book of Mormon so we told him about  that we gave one and he said he will come to church! He's older so he will go yo New Haven but it was still a cool experience! 
Day 5: District Council! Had our first district council of the transfer it was amazing! No one in our district changed so it was amazing! We then had 2 appointments cancel on us so that was no fun and so we had another full day of finding in the mall so that was fun hahah. 
Day 6: today was a great day! We set goals as a companionship and it was truly inspired! Our companionship is doing super good and we are so pumped for this next transfer! We went to the mall and had a pretty good day! We then had stake conference and it was amazing learned so much and had a great time! 
Day 7: Sabbath day! We had stake conference and it was again super amazing super inspired and I learned a lot! 


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