November 11, 2019


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

No longer a new Missionary!

Spiritual message: If you knew me at all back home you know I am a pretty loving person but my first transfer here I was missing that a lot! I was not having love for the mission or for my situations, so this transfer I focused a lot on love and trying to apply it to the mission! The study went amazing and I learned so much this transfer... charity is the highest, noblest, strongest, kind of love, not merely affection but the pure love of Christ! As I have applied charity to my everyday life I have loved everyone and everything around me so much more than I could have ever thought! I encourage y'all to ask God how you can increase your charity and love for the people and situations around you, and as you do I promise you will feel the pure love of Christ more in your life. 
Day 1: Today was a pretty typical day... we went to the mall and had some success we got a return appointment set so that was good. We had a meeting with this guy named MJ to give him a book of mormon that fell through but we rescheduled and we are excited to meet with him! 
Day 2: Today was a super good day! As of today I am no longer a new missionary! Never really felt like one but it's nice not to have the title...haha. So today we had new missionary graduation it was so good to see the people I came out with and catch up. We did some roleplays (which I killed) then had a training and had an awesome lunch haha. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. We then started our exchanges with the ZL. 
Day 3: Exchanges! These exchanges were super fun I got to go with Elder Evans. It was great to talk with him and learn from him. We had a lesson with Holly and it went super good we were super bold with her and it turned out to be a great lesson. 
Day 4: Interviews! We had interviews with President Christensen and his wife today it was so great to talk with him and I got some wise council. After interviews we immediately went to a lesson with Sarah. This lesson was super interesting... because we went in with no lesson plan... now you might be thinking we were just too lazy not to create one but that is the exact opposite we had been praying and trying to figure out what to teach her and we both got the impression to just listen to her so that's what we did and it turned into a great lesson! We then had a first lesson with this girl named Alyssa and oh man are we excited to teach her she is so prepared and ready to listen to what we have to say! We then started some more exchanges with New Haven. 
Day 5: More exchanges! Today both of our companionships had a combined 4 lessons we were going to do....2 for me and Elder Vernon and 2 for Elder Stucki and Elder Palmer. Well all 4 of them canceled!!  So much fun.... so we just did a lot of finding. I got to know elder Vernon really well and that was a lot of fun. 
Love Elder Asplund


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