October 7, 2019


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

Super Bowl for missionaries!

This week has been crazy and awesome so much happened this week! Here's my day to day update for you guys hope y'all are enjoying them hahah. 
Day 1: Zone P Day! We went to the state fair it was so fun we got to walk around and look at all the animals and the booths it was so much fun! Really got to bond with the people in my zone and in my district it was a great time! 
Day 2: We went to the mall today and we found two people! they both work for Finishline they are way sweet and one of them has a cousin that is the rookie running back for the Raiders so that was way cool! We got to meet this girl her name is Serena she is very atheist but she is open to what we have to say. Well she is open to what we have to say... but questions every little thing we say haha which is good and bad but hopefully she becomes a little more trusting.
Day 3:Today was a great day! First we got to meet with this guy his name is Josh he's one of the people we found playing ping pong last week haha! He goes to church on the move and we got to know him really well and introduced the book of Mormon to him it was awesome! He then invited us to a bible study so we went and it was a lot of fun. We got to share our knowledge with a whole bunch of people. And we found this guy named Luke at the bible study he's awesome and is interested in learning more about our church. So that was awesome! Then we met with our man Jim and it was Awesome! We read 3 Nephi 18 with him and then we straight up asked him why he won't come to church and he said IDK... I'm going to come! We are so excited for him!
Day 4: District Council! This district council was amazing it was the last one before transfers so we all got to bare our testimonies about what we learned this transfer. It was so spiritual and uplifting! Then we got to teach this girl named Sarah she has met with the missionaries before but she really wants to know what makes us different. So we had a great lesson about the Priesthood and the power it has. It was such and awesome and spirit lead lesson. She got so much out of it and is really going to dive into the Book of Mormon! we are so excited for her!
Day 5: Today was kind of a slow day! We went to the mall to meet someone and they didn't show up so we walked around for a little while...but didn't have much luck. Then we went and had a lesson with Holly and it was on TU... as a lot of our lessons are so we went to that and that lesson was really good. It was getting a little bashy so my companion said that it doesn't really matter what we debate about that she should just turn to the Lord and ask him. She took that the wrong way and said these things are important and started to really criticize him.  So I stepped in and clarified what he was saying she calmed down and we talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon. We then invited her to read the Book of Mormon and see if ti is true.  She said she would if she had time.  I got bold and said if you really believe that these things are important like you just said you should make time for it. I was then afraid that I was to bold but it hit her hard and she said your right... so thats good haha. 
Day 6: Today was so crazy and awesome! Well we had General Conference today and it was so amazing! The overlying message I got from the Saturday session was about Joy and how to gain and spread it. After conference later that night we had T-Doc which is basically the Zone leaders telling us whose getting transferred. Well I didn't get transferred but my companion/ Trainer is,  I was shocked and so was he. The Lord needs him in another place but I'm going to miss him. 
Day 7: More General Conference! Sunday session was amazing and so spiritually uplifting I got a lot out of it mainly the importance of the plan of salvation and how Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us and we need to trust him!   
Spiritual thought is to go and read Jacob 4: 8 it really hit me hard that sometimes we get caught up on the small and none important things of the gospel and we let it discourage us and bring down our testimonies.  But we may never know the mysteries of the Lord until we get to meet him and thats ok!  We need to keep enduring and  keep building our testimonies and trust in him always because he knows all and he knows whats best for us and he loves all of us with Eternal and Infinite love! I love and miss you all!  Elder Asplund


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