September 30, 2019


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

One Month In!!

Hey everyone i'm one month in and loving every second of it! I love and miss you all! This week has been weird in the sense that we have been so busy trying to be busy... haha. 
Day 1: After Pday ended we went to a talent show and that was so fun we met a lot of the members there and we actually met a new friend there! She is so awesome and is super interested in the gospel!
Day 2: Sabbath Day! Started teaching this girl named Lucero she's the girlfriend of a guy in our branch and they are both a little slow but we are excited to start teaching her.  Other than that it was a regular Sunday! 
Day 3: Today was a tough day since we couldn't go to TU we basically mall OYM'ed for about 6 hours we found a couple of people but it was a pretty tough day over all! 
Day 4: Today was our first day at TCC (Tulsa Community College). TCC was interesting its an indoor campus so its kinda quiet inside so its really hard to talk to people pretty much no one wanted to talk to us. But we got to know the campus well and we are going to keep trying! I keep thinking of 1 Nephi 3:7 I was commanded to go to TCC so we are going to go and do the things we have been commanded and the lord will provide a way...eventually. We met with this girl named Aspyn later that night, she is very baptist but she is opening up more and is liking the things we are teaching!
Day 5: Today was a pretty good day! We had 4 lessons planned for today and none of them canceled which is amazing! We had 4 amazing lessons the first one was with a girl named Kyligh she is really liking the BOM and what we are teaching! We then had a lesson with Jim.  We decided to invite our ward mission leader Treyson to come with us and we had a great lesson with him, he is progressing really well! We then had a meeting with this guy named Lucas he had the question about modern day prophets and we helped him with that and we are now going to start meeting with him regularly! 
Day 6: Today we had district council and that was good. I always learn a lot from that! Right after that we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I was on exchanges with Elder Saldana,  we had a good day. We taught 2 lessons first was with a guy named Rand he is super cool and is coming to church this Sunday! The last one was with a girl named Sarah, this meeting was super fun she had met with the elders before us and she is  friends with a recent convert in our branch. She had a lot of questions some super random and some not but it was a great lesson and now we are going got start teaching her regularly!
Day 7: Still on exchanges! Me and Elder Saldana decided to go mall OYM today it was actually a lot of fun and really productive. We met this girl in the food court who we got to teach on the spot she was kind of bashy but she said she wanted to meet again and that she would be prepared with scriptures hah I love it! I love how people think they can bash us with scriptures that we believe in. We then went to TCC and it was completely empty but I saw these people playing ping pong and pool in this one room so I told Elder Saldana that we should go in. He didn't like the idea but I said whats the harm! Well we played pool and ping pong with them for 1 1/2 hours and we got to know them really well.  We taught them a few things about our church while playing and  we got all of there numbers and they seem really interested so thats awesome!
Day8: Today we taught 2 lessons! one was to this girl named Alex she doesn't seem that open to religion but is willing to listen. The last one was this guy named Marco he is from Hong Kong and he is super interested and loved what we taught so we are going to start teaching him regularly! 
Day 9: Sabbath day! Today was awesome we had an activity where we went tracting with the members that was so much fun! And then we taught Lucerio again she is progressing really well! 
Spiritual message this week is for everyone to get HYPED about conference! This should not be a regular event!  We are given the opportunity to listen to an actual Prophet!! not everyone gets that opportunity and we do so thats amazing so treat it like its the most special event on the planet because it really is! I love you all and miss you! Love Elder Asplund
Picture 1 Me and Elder Olsen at the Fair


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