September 16, 2019


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

WOW my feet hurt!

Hey everybody so this week was really long because our Pday switched from Saturday to Monday so here is a really long email for y'all hope you enjoy!
Day 1: Sunday! Such a great day we had someone come to our branch from the spanish ward his name is Marco and he is super cool! He wore this white shirt that had roses on it and it was so sick haha, but he is a good guy and he seems ready to accept the gospel so thats super cool! We taught a preach my gospel class and if you guys haven't read this week you should because it was super awesome and definitely brings the spirit. 
Day 2: Today was good but super slow. I met more Atheists today then in my entire life combined hah but we found some people that seem pretty cool so thats good. Well to end the day we met with this girl named Kyligh and we taught a great lesson and she seems really interested so we'll see how this goes.
Day 3: Zone Conference! Today was so cool I learned so much from President and the AP's! But  the best part was the missionary's that are leaving next transfer shared their testimony's and it was so inspiring and motivating. Also I got to see some of my MTC friends and that's always a blast. 
Day 4: Today was a really cool day I got to go on an exchange with one of my roommates Elder Stocki because my companion is a District Leader. We had a ton of fun! Elder Stucki has been on a campus before so he knew how to OYM really well which means to open your mouth or to talk to people basically.  It was an awesome experience to learn and grow. We talked to a-lot of people including a tennis player from Italy and two volley ball players from turkey, isn't that crazy? It was such a fun day and i learned a-lot. We taught Jim again today and it was awesome, he's such a smart guy and just understands everything we are teaching him. We taught him the plan of salvation and at the end Elder Stucki said thats the most he's ever taught anyone about the plan of salvation. Jims progressing really well and hopefully will keep progressing.  
Day 5: Today was interesting.. we were super excited for today. We had 5 lessons planned for the day! Well our excitement soon turned to disappointment as 3 of our lessons cancelled on us so that was a bummer but we still had two so we were still happy. The first one was with a guy named Nick he is pretty cool and he is from Russia so that was cool. Well we were talking with him and about to start teaching him when he says is it alright if my Catholic friend comes, we were like sure. Well a few min later the Catholic friend comes in and it was one of the Catholic missionary's the same one we met with last week! So we were doing our best to teach but the missionary kept getting us off track which was annoying then we got onto politics because Nick is huge into that. Well can i just say I hate Politics they actually SUCK! It totally drove out the spirit and i was super uncomfortable. Well i picked up on a common theme about what they were talking about and it was about truth. Finally I got so uncomfortable that i just said "look Nick if you want to know truth read this book" and i pulled out a book of Mormon "this is the most true book on the planet so if you are truly looking for truth read it." Then i just stood up and we left. Then we met with a guy named Rand and he was a referral he is basically a member but doesn't know about baptism so we are excited to teach him.  
Day 6: More exchanges! Today we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders and that was a ton of fun. My companion took all the lessons we had for that day so me and Elder Evans just found all day! Our goal was to OYM 30 people. and that doesn't just mean saying hey or hi and moving on but actually having a full blown conversation. Well after finding for 7 1/2 hours straight and my feet feeling like there going to fall off we OYM'd 36 people and got 11 numbers it was a grind all day! But you know what they say you got to love the grind and we did... it was the most tired and satisfied I've felt since I've been out here. My Zone Leader gave me a huge compliment and said not a lot of people could do what we just did and grind for that long and he was impressed definitely  boosted my confidence. 
Day 7: Gameday! We went to a baptism this morning and that was super cool it was for a 10 year old named Emanuel he is super sweet and was full of the spirit. We then went to TU right in the middle of them having a football game that was fun but we had to leave because no one was talking to us haha. 
Day 8: Sabbath day! Today was awesome we had great talks in sacrament meeting but they ended way early so i leaned over to my companion and said Its our time!  Then they totally called us up there haha! It was awesome i got to bear my testimony and how much i love this church.  We then had a normal day till 6 then we had a devotional and it was amazing and i learned so much. 
I love you all and just wanted to share a message with all of you!
Brothers and sisters, family and friends I want to testify to you that no matter how dark times are that darkness cannot exist in the light of Christ we all need to turn to him and seek him in our everyday lives through study and prayer. From Elder Uchtdorf "Brothers and sister, even after the darkest night, the Savior of the world will lead you to a gradual, sweet, and bright dawn that will assuredly rise within you." I know that no darkness can withstand the light of Christ seek that light everyday!
I Love you all!
Love-- Elder AsplundPictures 1 and 2 Me and Elder Stucki on exchanges around campus! 


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