September 7, 2019


Oklahoma City,Oklahoma,USA


Wyatt Crapo

Week 2 Tulsa YSA

Here's some funny things that happened this week....well for the past 8 Days we have been playing RISK which is so fun! Also every night I play Micheal Buble Christmas music all night long...because its allowed and because its amazing! I think my roommates are starting to be done with it but i will never be done with it haha! ITS NEVER TO EARLY FOR CHRISTMAS MUSIC!! Also the other night the cops knocked on our door because someone reported us for domestic violence.  It was scary at the beginning but it turned into a really funny situation and we just talked to these two cops for about 20 min so that was funny and fun! 
Day 1: Today was HARD! My companion had to go to a meeting in OKC because he is a district leader. So I got put with  Elder Wood on splits that was super cool because we were good friends in the MTC. We went to TU at 9:30 and started Finding well for some reason NO ONE WAS THERE we maybe talked to 3 people in the 4 hours, we were walking around and got 1 number. We thought oh maybe it will pick up after lunch... NOPE we were there for 7 hours and talked to maybe 10 people, got 3 numbers it was not fun to say the least. We then taught a lesson and it was with NIcholas the person I taught last week and it went super great! I was totally lead by the spirit and taught a great lesson! So that put a bright spot on our sucky day. 
Day 2: Can I just say after a day like Yesterday today was much needed!! Elder Harrison and I got 4 numbers in the 2 hours we were at TU and one of them was a really cool experience. His name is Jim he actually came up to us. He asked if we were the Mormon missionaries and we said Yes.  He said he had been looking for us for a long time, so we talked to him for a little bit but then we decided to sit down with him right there and teach him. We taught him the restoration it was so cool! We then had a meeting with a catholic missionary after lunch and that was super interesting! We had a Book of Mormon class tonight and that was so cool the spirit was so strong I loved it! There was a super funny part about it so for those of you that don't know there's a thing called OKIE talk.  Basically what people in Oklahoma do is they talk and talk and switch topics in the middle of the sentence and keep going till you stop them. Well the BOM class is suppose to end at 8 but at 7:59 this old lady started talking... about 30 min later she's still talking it was so funny she talked about the most random and funny things i have ever heard, it was so funny! As soon as we found a break in her talking we asked someone for a prayer I was laughing so hard!
Day 3: Today was really long but it was pretty good. We had district council which was pretty good it was just super long. We then went to TU and met this guy named Evan, he seems pretty cool and could possibly turn into a solid New Friend. We met with Jim again and gave him a BOM he seems super interested and I think is starting to really believe in the things we are teaching. We taught this guy named Abhi he is Hindu and super cool he loved the idea of the two way communication of prayer we are meeting with him again. 
Day 4: Today was pretty normal we went to TU, met a couple of people and then we had a lesson. We had a lesson with a girl named Holly this lesson was interesting... we met her down stairs at this one building and then we went upstairs to a common area and as we are going upstairs she says oh by the way I brought some friends we were like ok cool. We got upstairs and there is literally 12 of her friends my companion and I just  look at each other and just shrug. Well we didn't get a real lesson out but we talked with them for a little while then shared a quick message it was way cool and Holly said she wanted to meet with us again and a couple of her friends too that was way cool! 
Well thats all for this week, a little spiritual message.. just remember to be doing your best every day! As long as we are being good people and doing our best Heavenly Father is going to bless our lives and is going to put people in our lives that we can bless or that can bless you. 
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