August 27, 2019


Oklahoma City,Oklahoma,USA


Wyatt Crapo

M.T.Cya later

This week has been so crazy! I'm so excited to finally be leaving the MTC and to be finally serving the people of Oklahoma! 
Something funny that happened this week... all of you that have served missions know about the dork dots and those that don't know about them they are an orange dot that they put on your name tag as soon as you get into the MTC. So Wednesday's we call it Welcome to the MTC day! Me and a couple of my friends in the district had a competition to see how many people we could get to give us there dork dots and if you know me of course I won hahaha!! I collected 40 of them and it covered the whole back of my name tag haha. I got a new name tag don't worry. 
Day 1: last P-Day was awesome and I definitely needed it! It was just a normal p-day but for our devotional we didn't know who was speaking which is kinda weird because they always tell us so there was a bunch of speculation. So anyway we are sitting in the devotional and we still don't know who's speaking, and we are all like what the heck and the finally tell us and it's Elder Bednar!! I was so excited because he is my favorite speaker and he did not disappoint! He talked about how we shouldn't be looking for huge feelings to feel the spirit because we should always have the spirit so it shouldn't feel like a huge new feeling! He also told us that we need to be good boys and good girls and be doing our best always and the Lord will guide us to the things that we need to do, and the things he needs us to do. So it was awesome!! 
Day 2: today was really nice we were still on the spiritual high of Elder Bednar's devotional! We had class like normal and then we taught Sami for the second time. We went in there with a pretty good lesson plan. And maybe got 5% into it and then we threw it all away and she kept asking us questions and she really opened up to us and instead of teaching her a lesson we actually helped her with her needs and if was awesome! It's the first time I've been truly lead completely by the spirit at the end we got done and we asked her what was on her mind and she said " I just want to tell you thank you, you just connected so many things and I'm truly grateful." I felt so good I know I am truly doing the Lords work and nothing I can do can help anyone unless I use the spirit as my guide. 
Day 3: today was kinda cool we had a workshop that was like a play and our teacher were in it! It was the only workshop that didn't put me to sleep hahaha. We taught Dalton again and we had no idea what to teach him we prayed about it all week and still nothing the morning we were planning for it we had an impression just to go in with a bunch of questions. So that's what we did and we finally had a good lesson with Dalton! It was so awesome we found out his true needs and how to help him and we invited him to find the truth through the book of Mormon and prayed if was amazing! 
Day 4: I had my last exercise time with Foxy and that was really sad the famous pick and roll will have to wait for 2 years! We had another meeting with Sami today it went really good we invited her to baptism and she was so close to saying yes....she just has some reservations but I know that she has that spirit with her and if she keeps looking she will find the truth. 
Day 5: today was pretty cool we got to talk to some new missionaries about how to survive in the MTC and it showed me just how far I've come! We got to combine with another district and we got to teach with new companions which was really fun. 
Day 6: Sunday was again the longest day of the week by far but only 2 days till OKC so that's awesome!! 
Day 7: the day before leaving!! We didn't do much but I had to say goodbye to a bunch of people including one if my good friends Jake Fox super hard but he's going to be a great missionary! I had to say goodbye to half my district which was super hard because I've gotten so close to all of them! 
I'm so excited to go teach the people of OKC!! 
Pic 1 all the dork dots I gatheredPic 2 the sun set Pic 3 me and Elder Christensen Pic 4 the last night we wore face masks Rest of them us my district with our teachers A Bunch of Davis Boys!!


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