August 21, 2019


Missionary Training Center


Wyatt Crapo

2% Done with my mission!

P-day is here! This week has gone by so fast but at the same time it had been sooo long! Here are some fun things that happened this week. My district and I are getting super close it's cool how close a group of people can get when you spend every second with them for 2 weeks! We created our own language to confuse the other elders at the MTC it's so funny! We also created a song that is a remake of the Phineas and Ferb theme song but about missionaries and.... it's awesome! Sometimes people think we can be a little too goofy but I don't think so... haha. We also had to teach the sister about the bro zone we made a diagram for them I'll send you a pic 😂😂.

Day 1: We met our new teaching assignment today his name is Dalton, he is a practicing preacher for the Christian church and man does he knows his stuff. It is super hard to teach him because I feel like he feels like he knows more than me....which he does. But it's hard to teach someone like that so all we can do is pray for him to open his heart and hopefully he'll hear something we teach him because it's not us that convert him.... it's the spirit. Elder Crapo (my companion) are getting along great and are really starting to teach really good together.

Day 2: we have a new teacher this week while our old one is on vacation his name Brother Astol and he is AWESOME! We all love him he's like 22 and he's so cool and spiritual it's amazing. We met with Alex again she's our other investigator, and I love her and love teaching her so much I feel like we are actually helping her and it's amazing! We gave her a book of Mormon and she really wants to read it so I'm excited to meet with her again and talk about it! She has such a kind spirit to her and it's so easy to feel the spirit when we teach her.

Day 3: I'm really loving my district we learn so much from each other and have a good time while doing it! We had such a great lesson tonight about how we don't convince people to be converted the only way we are converted is through our own study and prayer. We also talked about how a lot of us don't have but conversion moments but it's what the Lord has done for us in our every day lives that has converted us and I encourage all of you to look for how the Lord helps you everyday of you life. We met with Dalton again and IDK why I can't feel the spirit when I teach him. I'm trying so hard but I can't feel the spirit at all and it's really hard to teach without it! The whole time we teach him it just feels like he's uninterested and it makes me so frustrated! But the only thing we can do is love and pray for him.

Day 4: today was our last day teaching Alex we are so sad we really do love her and loved teaching her! We got a new investigator her name is Sami she is so nice we are super excited to teach her! All the elders have designated me as the hugger of the district so whenever someone is feeling down I give them a hug and if you know me you know I LOVE IT!! It was brother Astols last day and we are all super sad we got really close to him!

Day 5: Sunday was again the longest day of the week! But it's getting a lot better. Elder Crapo and I taught a fantastic lesson on the apostasy and first vision. I actually had a fun time teaching it and the best part was our district president was in our priesthood meeting while we taught and gave us a huge compliment which really boosted my confidence!

Day 6: class was fun today, we met with Sami I already have so much love for her! It was hard to get her to open up but we kept asking questions and she finally opened up and it was such an awesome moment! I just wanted to scream I can help you! But I didn't haha but I'm so excited to teach her and get to know her she reminded me why I went a mission and it's to help others and I'm so excited to help her!

Elder Asplund

Some pics for y'all
1 and 2 are us at the temple!
3 is me with the thing that keeps me sane my green ball
4 us getting excited for p Day in class
5 me standing in front of a pic of elder wood and elder Livingston
6 Me and elder wood
7 my district after a devotional
8 Some of the boys from Davis
9 a cool pic we got


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