October 11, 2016



Week 4 - MTC

Yo what's up everybody, this week was another pretty eventful week. It's hard as always, but still progressing fast. Language is coming along better. I'm finally able to read the script, albeit at a speedy 5-6 words an hour. I've officially learned how to say all land and sea animals, so now I'm fully prepared to be friends with a Cambodian veterinarian or zoo worker. So yeah, language is fun. Finally can have somewhat decent conversations in our lessons which is cool. Had our first TRC. Forgot what it stands for, but we pretty much just shared a message with some rm's from BYU in Khmae. Pretty fun.
Found Mr. Jacob Schillen, he came in Wednesday and is staying like two floors down from me. Had a few late night parties with him. That was a cool 1 in 10000 chance. I continue to master the sport of beach volleyball. I have eaten a bunch of dried seaweed balls, squid jerky and other super asian stuff from a new friend. His last name is Miyagi so I'm pretty sure he's a karate master. We all call him Mister Miyagi. I've also eaten a bunch of fancy British person food as one of the 3 guys in my room is full blooded English Britain child. Late night nerf gun wars have become a thing in the dorms. They're very intense. Almost lost an eye last night.
Anyways, stuff is pretty routine here, so there's not too much else to say. Miss everyone and hope y'all are having fun with life too. Till next week, I bid thee all farewell.


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