November 26, 2018


Barrio Solis Pizarro Calle


Elder Cañas

¡Mi primer Dog Bite!

ha, click bait worked. yes, i was bit twice by satans puppy and it actually hurt suprisingly bad but it didnt punchture the skin. el perrito bit me right where my socks and rediculously think pants overlap entonces todo bien. supper funny after, pero i really thought i was going to have to get shots which i was not happy about.

really fast, over the last what, 5 weeks, only 3 people have been able to pronounce my name right. And my comp isn one of them. he pracices everyday and still cant do it. everyone here pronounces my name " aw-bear-ie" it doesnt really matter and i dont care. im just wondering if i should just tell people my name is pronounced the way they say it.

important. i made my own milanesa this week an it was absolutly fantastic. i have an unhealthy addictyion for both empanadas y milanesa. which is good, cause there is a 90 percent chance that lunch is going to be either of those.

mas importante. my comp and i had jad the opportunity to teach gospel princepls in church this sunday. we talked about how anyone can be a missionary. i didnt teach much myslef but i dore testimony at the end. i wont evebn try to explain what it felt like, but i and 3 others in the class statred crying. two of our personas (investigatiors) were in that room. one of whos wife is a member but he himself refuses to accept anything or get babtised. during my testimony i saw his heart open up. again, it is impossible to explain exactly what happened, but that further built my twstimony of the power of the spirit.

¿no mas teimpo, entonces nos vemos! ¡les amo! yo diré les si realmente me muerde un perro.


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