March 16, 2016


Mexico City MTC


Elder Checketts

Week #4

What a week. it flies by so fast. it seems like i just keep jumping from sunday to sunday. our goup of missionaries dont have that much time left. i will be probably leaving the mtc the next monday early. That was a fast first month of my mission. ive learned more spanish in 5 weeks than i didn in two years of highschool so thats pretty cool. these last two weeks are mainly solo español so from 9 am to 6pm we can only speak spanish. its been really hard but gets easier everyday. most missionaries here dont do it but our district made the goal of 9 to 6 only spanish and weve been doing well.
This week has a new challenge. Elder tauteoli loves to dab on them folk and so whenver you try to give him a handshake he goes for it and then just dabs and says "you got GOT!" so now him and i try to "got" eachother by dabbing. This morning i asked him to help me open my yogurt container and when i handed it to him i dabbed on him instead! i finally got him! he gets me all the time though. this morning he put out his arm to give me knucks and when i went for it he dabbed on me haha. I always fall for it haha. This pday we arent going to the temple so us gringo elders are going to play cage soccer vs the latinos for hopefullly three hours. i love it so much.
Every week we have a little somethin somethin called trc. Trc is every thursday night and we have the opportunity to teach real people that arent teachers. we teach members of the church that volunteer for trc. it helps us improve our spanish and its alot of fun cause its like a home teaching opportunity if you will. This last trc we taught a member named yolanda and her husband had passed away ten years ago while her son was on a mission. Also, her brother had just died last sunday. i just felt this pit in my stomach when she said that. im sure elder checketts face and mine were like we had seen ghosts but she looked perfectly fine. she explained that her brother was not a member, and none of her family members where members of the church. She said that they were beyond sad and grieving. but she said she was not sad at all. she bore her testimony of the plan of salvation and that she knew in the end she could see her brother again. the purpose of trc is to teach the volunteers but crap we done been taught! She was the perfect example of having complete faith and hope in Christ and in Gods plan for us.
But wait, it got better. We walk into the next classroom and we taught a girl our age named mercy who live in mexico city. We asked her "so how long have you beeen a member of the church" and she said "im not a mormon" Again our faces must have looked like we had seen a ghost. there was this long pause of freaking out that felt like an eternity but lasted more like 3 seconds. So we taught her about prayer and how she could receive revalation through prayer because God loves all of us and in the end i asked her to pray for us after i taught her how to pray and she did! i had to remind her how to finish at the end but it was dope. Then we went to our teacher hermano cruz and were like "she wasnt a member!" and he was like "seriously?? whoops." The rule is that when we teach a non member in trc (which usually never happens) the teacher is supposed to 1. tell us. and 2. he has to sit in with us to make sure we dont tell her anything crazy haha. so yeah i was caught offf guard. so that was my first real teaching opportunity as a missionary.
also a monumental achievment for me, i got flipped off for the first time as a missionary on the way to the temple. i waved to a kid and he waved back with the finger. good times good times.
This week ive been thinking alot about who i am as a missionary. The most pressure that comes from being a missionary isnt having to teach perfectly or having to be perfect at the language but rather its the fact that in everything i do i represent Jesus Christ and his church. His standard is one that is hard to live up to which was perfection. Im trying to better increase my faith and testimony, im trying to increase my love for those i serve and will serve in chile. Its not an easy task but i think im trying my best to do what He would want me to do. Chile can{t come soon enough!
Elder Olsen

Mom, Utah was dope? im glad justine and david are doing well. there is no daylight savings here and if there was then there just isn{t cause it didn{t happen. the responsibilities for a zone leader arent that much but i just have to deal with everyones problems. i go on splits with all the elders and get to know them which is awesome but stinks when they open up to me and tell me every little problem that they have haha. but i like to help them all out and feel better. my favorite thing to do is go on splits with elder schlaich. hes like 6'6 super lanky kid who is just the corkiest weirdest kid ive ever met. hes so strange but hes so funny. he usually never talks until everyone wants him to. everyone here at the mtc wants to hear his stories. at lunch we all gather around and he tells a schlaich story. i cry from laughing everytime. hes so funny. i go on splits and he just rants on about the most random stuff and all i do is laugh. some of his phrases include "her voice rustled the entirety of my jimmies". haha its great. i hope roxy is preggo! how will you know? that kind of worries me that she don{t have none in her. i hope she has more than 1 or two. oh ell. ill remmeber jackson. i hope things get better for him in school. and dating haha. well jenny i love you and i miss you,,,but i was sad this week when i only got two letters haha. how much were those doughnuts that you sent me? was it expensive? things here are so cheap? if more doughnuts came my way this week i wouldnt complain ;) i wont be havin doughnuts in concepcion thats fo sho! love you mom!

oh ps, im allowed to call in the airport when i leave. but i dont know how im gonna do it. i dont have my flight schedule yet but i will hopefully have it before next pday which will be my last pday. can u look up a way for me to call in the airport? how do i dial your number form mexico or santiago? get back to me on that

our latino roomies and friends all left this week. very sad and we had a huuuge tie exchange the night they left. got some cool new ties.
Dad, yeah its a month today! pretty crazy if you ask me. but at the same time it feels like ive been here for an eternity. the zone leader ship has its ups and downs. i love going on splits with all of the elders and getting to know people but it sucks when they got problems haha. ive had to deal with some really stupid things haha im like seriously? but its super cool and its dope fo sho. tell jackson to not be a bum and hang out with ya! what tv show are you watching these days? love ya dad!
send me more pics of the dogs for next pday!
James, hey poop! yeah they might be slightly annoying as of right now but not completely. alot of them are supa flirty which can be annoying. but its chill. im glad you had a fun time at your elders wedding and at byu. im just going to let you know that ive gotten pretty good at cage soccer now so im ready to whoop your butt! haha jk im half decent. my specialty is passing to those who can actually do good.
and im glad you got your oh so precious cinna melt. they have micky ds in chile and taco bell so thats cool. i cannot wait to get down to chile. the ccm is nice and all buuuuuutttt.....butts. time to go! i only have one more pday and then im gone. keep doing what youre supposed to do. i love you james! mail me mail me mail me i need mas mail.
elder mcflayty
love ya


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