August 7, 2019


Mexico CCM


Elder Johnson

Week 4

Buenos dias everyone! Heres how my weeked looked:

So today was Elder Hardings birthday in our district, but at like 3 am he woke up with searing pains in his stomach and he had to be admitted to the hospital here so that was sketchy as crap. Elder Akina and Elder Wood went with him all day, and we just had a normal day in the classroom. We also started TRC, which is where we teach people from outside the CCM and Elder Johnson and I taught a couple teenagers who were thinking about going on a mission. We shared how much just being in the CCM has blessed us and that if they went on a mission it would bless their lives and so many others so it was cool to do that en Español.

I cant really remember much from Friday except when mi compañero went to the hospital to see Harding. They had all the elders in our district on companion exchanges to be with Harding while he was in the hospital so Johnson took the night shift tonight.

Today was my turn to spend the day with Harding in the hospital, and it was actually really nice. They said it was the best hospital in Mexico City and it was honestly just as nice as Bingham Memorial. They even had a Krispy Kreme in the base floor which was awesome. I found out that Harding had a serious bacterial infection in his stomach, they think it was something that he ate but he also has had stomach issues his whole life so it was a really rare chance. We just chilled in his room all day, i read like all of 3rd and 4th Nephi and part of Mormon in the Book of Mormon. Then i tried to help Harding downstairs to get some donuts and the nurse flipped out on us in Spanish, picture me and Harding (hooked up to an IV with painkillers and in scrubs) being chased down the hall by an angry old Hispanic lady)

Sunday was really good, Johnson and I prepared the sacrament and we had fast and testimony meeting. We also had a 24 hour fast and we were fasting for Harding

Today was really good, We taught our 4th lesson with Sara and I think shes really starting to open up with us. Harding got back from the Hospital today and we had 3 boxes of donuts and it was so good to eat some other food than just the comedor.

Our lesson with Gabriela was even better today, she shared with us how she had blood cancer and that she was just trying to live in the moment each day. I shared my experience with Easton and his ataxia and how the best thing for our family was to fast and pray together and she said she could feel the Spirit so strongly during that. We also had a really good BOM share during class in Mosiah 5...I invite everyone to read that chapter and pay close attention to verse 13. Its been my favorite scripture ever since I got here.

Yo espero todo de sus semanas have been absolutely amazing and i love you all! Keep holding down the fort until I get back

-Elder Jorgensen


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