July 31, 2019


Mexico CCM


Elder Johnson

Week 3

Hey everyone! I wrote this email this morning on the bus because we're headed to the Templo de Ciudad de Mexico. Estoy emocionado porque its nice to get outside the razorwire fences of the CCM for a little bit.

So this week has absolutely flown by so quickly. Our distrito has kinda had a rough week though. On Friday last week, Hermana Gallagher (the one going to Poky) announced she would be leaving to go back home for health reasons and even though we only knew her for 10 days, she left a huge impact on all of us. She has been a convert to the church for only 4 years and her Spanish was better than all of us combined probably...she shared her testimony with us before she left and it was really powerful.

Another thing that happened this week was our distrito leader got really sick and he had to wear a mask for like 5 days. On Sunday, i had to prepare a 5 minute talk solo Espanol, but i didnt get picked on to share it lol. This week we taught 2 lessons everyday, its kinda crazy but i feel like im getting better at talking and forming sentences, plus getting to know the people better. This place is getting crammed with new missionaries, at almuerzo (lunch) some missionaries cant even sit down to eat and the comedor is huge.

This week we finished the Basic core (we have like 4 red books for missionaries learning Spanish and its the smallest one) we call it fetus Clifford. Now were on Baby Clifford (the Intermediate Core) and we have to learn 1200-1500 new palabras, and 500 new frases. Its kinda overwhelmimg but it can be done haha.

I love you all and miss Blackfoot, but im loving it here so dont worry about me. If anyone has any cool or spiritual experiences during their week, feel free to share them with me, id love to hear about them. ¡Hasta lluego!


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