February 6, 2019



Elder Soto

Electricity cut, feces clean-up and goat sounds

What a week! I hope life is great wherever you are and in whatever you are doing!

Wow, we are still teaching Familia Ordoñez and helping them. They are so fun. One night, I think last night, Renne, this tiny boy from their family, stepped in his own feces or feces from something else and he was crying and no one was gonna help him and so I started to help him and then his sister helped me get it off of his bare foot. Hahaha. So fun. That family is so fun even though they are difficult to teach at times for different reasons. Mostly just distractions with the little ones but I just laugh then and we get back into it. Last week was a hard struggle and our numbers are super low and so I made a list of people we can teach and people that we know. So we are gonna go at it this week and see what we can do!
We see this guy with goats and they made sounds at Elder Soto and I and so it's like our inside joke now with those sounds. So funny.
We had our power cut for 5 days because we didn't get the bills or something and the secretaries were supposed to be paying it or something but they didn't. So we bought candles and had a fun time. I took some freezing cold showers! I also learned how to take quick showers that way!

I'm sorry, no pictures this week but today I'm going to buy a memory card when I get to town. I can't wait for you to experience the glory of the stray dogs and the cows and the wonderful people!

Elder Smith


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