December 17, 2018


Bakersfield, CA (West)


Elder Garett Summers

Week 12


These last few days have gone well. The temple trip was good. It was a three hour drive to LA so that part was not very fun. The LA temple is a large temple. It has several endowment rooms that we progress though during the session. I liked seeing how each room was decorated. I meant to get pictures at the temple, but for some reason when we left the temple my mind was on food. Sorry about that.

We do not have any other place we are doing service, so we just have an extra 2 hours to tract. haha

We will be having a pday this Monday on Christmas eve. Then on Christmas we will be able to call home! We have been instructed to use our own phones to make the calls. What times will work best? I think we will be pretty flexible when we can do it. We are told to follow the guidelines in the white handbook which says calls home should preferable be under 40 minutes.

We won't be tracing Christmas but we are encouraged to make visits and offer service to those in need.

I got the package, thank you! I like the little stockings and look forward to opening the gifts Christmas.

We talked with someone a couple days ago who believed in all sorts of conspiracy theories. He told us that the world was flat (literally) and that man has not been to the moon and lots of other stuff. It was weird.

People are out of town for the holidays and we do not have a lesson scheduled for a while.

An interesting fact that some members have told me is that Bakersfield is mentioned in the movie Cast Away. [He finds a porta-potty from Bakersfield that he makes a sail out of to get off the island.]

I am slowly becoming more comfortable standing in people's doorways and knocking doors. There are friendly people and there are impatient people we talk with, but no really negative experiences.

I look forward to talking with you all on Christmas!

Elder Parker


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