June 24, 2019


Eaton, Ohio


Elder Bingham


Well it is officially warm and humid! This week we have talked to so many people out on the street.  The more people I talk to the crazier I think the world is!  This weeks topic of conversation with people was things from outer space (Hence my subject line)Experience #1: Stacy. We met with someone we have been teaching named Mike Ootn.  He claims to be agnostic, but as of late he has had some really amazing experiences with God.  When he was younger he asked God to help him quit smoking. He was outside smoking and he looked at his cigarette and thought to himself, "Man this is going to kill me."  He then began to pray.  He said, "If I'm talking to God. make me get rid of this cigarette"  Just then he took another puff and he began to choke and cough.  He looked at the cigarette and threw it away.  He hasn't smoked since. When we met him he began to think it was "just a coincidence".  (spiritual experiences have a short shelf life.)  We encouraged him to put his trust in God and continue to pray.  This last week he was praying that he would get good new about his kidney health.  He went to the doctor and the doctor told him his kidneys went from 25%-50%!  He contributes that to God and is beganning to make changes in his life.  He thanks God everyday for all that he has now! He invited us over to share a message with him, but the meeting was cut short.  Due to a lady named Stacy.  Mike was telling us all of his miracles stories, then out of no where stacy came and sat down. Thinking she might be interested I asked her what her relationship with God was like.  This question lead to a 15 minute discourse about how there is no God, but instead we were created by some ancient astronauts to be a slave race to them.  Honestly I have no idea what she was talking about.

Experience #2 70x7A couple days later we were walking down the street and we saw someone on their porch (Best opportunities to contact people.)  We offered him a card and he quietly said something.  I asked him what he said and he spoke up by saying, "Well I guess you could say I'm atheist". My companion and I wondering what could possibly make someone become an atheist asked him some follow up questions.  These questions lead to him asking some questions.  The first few were not the ones we really like to answer, but the later ones seemed genuine at first.His first question was, "Do you believe in aliens?"  I told him that we believe God created all things including worlds without ends. But I wasn't completely sure what that meant. This led him to start a very similar discussion as Stacy started. My companion and I having enough decided to ask him for referrals and leave.  We did and he began to open up. He relayed a story about someone who had wronged him.  Then he asked, "What do you do when someone wrongs you?  How can I forgive them?  I want to but I don't know how, or if I even need to"I recognized the sincerity in his voice and began to answer his questions, but as soon as I did he cut me off and I realized it was not sincere. After recognizing that his alien talk wasn't going to stop, we left.  I pray one day he will have the humility to allow someone to answer his question and set him free from the guilt he feels.
Experience #3 Moroni. We have been teaching this guy named Jerry Miller for a couple weeks now.  Jerry is very deep thinker and also loves to talk.  He has a strong belief in God and believes the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith is true. This week we went over and planned on following up with his reading.  As we did he began to ask some questions about some of the things he read. The first was, "Why was it important that the Book of Mormon was brought forth?"  We answered that question with some enthusiasm by teaching him a little bit about the apostasy and the restoration. The next question was, "Do you think that Moroni could potentially be an extraterrestrial being?"  Almost laughing we answered by saying no and inviting him to read the Book of Mormon looking for how it can apply to him.
Well I never thought that i would go on my mission and have conversations of this nature, but for every couple of conversations about aliens we had, we had 5-6 really good conversations about how this is the greatest work upon the face of the earth!I know that God is leading this work.  He guides me and He guides you.  At times it is hard to follow, but when we put our trust in Him He promises us that according to His will Will (Which is better than ours) and his Pleasure He will deliver us from bondage.
Sorry if you hate aliens and read this entire email thinking it might be a good one. Now you know how I felt throughout this week talking about them.
Elder Johnson


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