March 25, 2019


Eastgate Ohio


Elder Edwardson

My YSA Experience...

Great week again...We have been struggling big time with finding people to teach.  We have even been struggling passing out copies of the Book of Mormon! We talk to on average 20-25 people each day and it seems like each conversation we have is really sincere, but no one wants us to come back. We have set goals each day and worked hard to accomplish those goals.  At the end of the day we realize that we hit all of our goals... except... finding a new person to teach. During planning on Saturday Elder Edwardson and I looked at our weekly finding goals and our weekly finding actual and we became pretty discouraged.  After planning we got ready to go and said a prayer.  During our prayer we were completely honest with God and told Him what we were struggling with.  We told Him that we have been struggling finding people to teach and that we know the reason we are not finding is because we are not relying on Him enough.  We then told Him that we were going to do everything within our power to find His elect and we just wanted Him to place them in our path. After the prayer we went out and worked hard!  We only had 2-3 hours to find, but within that 2-3 hours we passed out 4 copies of the Book of Mormon and found 2 new people to teach.  The only reason that was possible was because we relied on God and allowed Him to do His work.  That has been my biggest struggle on my mission, getting in the way of the Lord.  I should know better.  He tells us over and over in the scriptures that, "I will hasten My work..." and "I am able to do mine own work...".  Our contribution to the work is to exercise our faith.  "For behold I am God and I am a God of Miracles.... And I work not among the Children of men save it be according to their faith."
Funny story.... That wasn't so funny in the moment
Back at home I went to a YSA ward... once.  Honestly I wasn't a big fan of it.  Probably because I was an awkward 18 year old kid with a mission call around a bunch of 30 year singles looking to go to the temple next week! Last week I had my second YSA experience.  This is in Elder Edwardson's words, and honestly I don't think I could tell the story any better so here you go! "Well, do you want to hear the funny story of the week? Here it is. About 6 weeks ago a young man named Brennan walked into church. We talked to him, set up an appointment, and he has not missed a week of church since. In fact he even attends the Cherry Grove meetings every week. So in the last 6 weeks or so he has attended church about 12 times. Since he is a younger guy (early 20s) we wanted to try and get him involved in YSA. To do that we got permission to go to a YSA talent show in Cincinnati. Good idea right? NOPE! So we pull up to this activity 30 minutes late and walk in. Everyone is staring at us like "What are these Elders doing here? They don't serve in the YSA ward. And who is that with them?" Well we find a seat, watch some really awesome and some really not so awesome talents (not that I have any room to speak). We get to the end of the activity, and Brennan raises his hand and asks if he can get up and do something. Of course, the host excitedly exclaimed "yes!" Elder Johnson and I were like "This is sweet! This is as good as someone you are teaching ask if he can get up and share his testimony on a fast and testimony meeting, right?" WRONG! He gets up there and sings a musical number from the Book of Mormon musical! It was super inappropriate! Well, by this point it is 9:00, and we have a conference call that we need to get on in 5 minutes so as soon as the closing prayer was said we had to leave fast! Plus it was a 30 minute drive home so in order to be obedient we had to leave. Well, as you might imagine the YSA branch probably wasn't super happy that random Elders brought in some guy to their talent show just to have him get up and sing a number from the Book of Mormon musical and then see the Elders running out before they can diffuse the situation. We pretty much left that branch to figure out what just happened. Needless to say I will never be stepping foot in that YSA branch again😂 I am pretty sure mine and Elder Johnson's face's are on a WANTED sign posted in that church building 😂"Maybe when I get home this YSA experience will be put behind me and I will work up the nerve to go back...
Love you all!
Elder Johnson


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