October 21, 2019


Round Rock, TX


Elder Dewsnup

First week in the field

Please read Isaac's email below. His address is: 
Elder I. Iverson
1801 East Palm Valley Blvd. #1533
Round Rock, TX 78664

My whole district left the MTC Tuesday morning or before. So, that left Elder Loveridge and me by ourselves. We went to the temple and started at baptisms up to sealing to parents. It was 6 hours but totally worth it. Later, Elder Q. Cook came and spoke to us. He had the original translated Alma 34 by Joseph Smith and some final draft Alma 34 and 1 Nephi 16 from Oliver Cowdery. It was really cool. They also put up the Christmas lights which was cool. 
     The plane ride over was about three hours. On our first day we went to the San Antonio temple. Also that night they dropped us off at the Alamo to go hand out Book of Mormons. I was with Elder Loveridge and we managed to hand out one. It was a lot harder to street contact than I anticipated. The next day I met my companion and found out where I am going. My companions name is Elder Dewsnup from Clearfield, Utah. He is a redneck who loves guns and trucks. We plan to go fishing one of these pdays. I was put into the Round Rock area which is north of Austin. It is a biking mission which has been a ton of fun.
     We've taught a few lessons but I haven't had much success finding people before Friday. On Friday this sketchy looking dude invited us in his house for some cinnamon rolls and milk. We couldn't tell if the lord prepared this guy for us or if he was going to kill us. It turned out to be awesome. He was living with his wife and step daughter. He was a member has been inactive for 25 years. This dude has been to the temple and he says he remembers the peace he felt in there and knew that it was too sacred to talk about. I bore my testimony on the power of prayer. They asked if we could say a prayer which Elder Dewsnup did beautifully. After the prayer the girls were bawling. Then Elder Dewsnup gave a beautiful testimony on the love of Christ through the story of Lazarus that had them crying again. It was pretty sweet. We invited them to church and they showed up. The mission field has been awesome. The Lord has prepared people for us but we just have to have the faith and openness to spiritual promptings to find them.
Elder Iverson


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