January 21, 2020





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Cześć wam! Hope you all have a good Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Man I wish we had that holiday here haha, it's a good one.

So this week was great! We actually had a meeting with a guy for the second time, who we invited to be baptized. He replied with a question, asking if we held the authority from God. We replied with a yes, so he also replied with a yes, and plans on being baptized in the near future! We actually found this guy through Facebook, so thus we see that the Lord hastens his work in many ways.

Elder McArthur and I had the opportunity to go and lead exchanges in Bydgoszcz, where we first served together as Zone Leaders about 8 months ago. Who knew that we would be serving together for an additional 4 months in Warsaw?! Crazy. On the way to Bydgoszcz, I was cruisin down the highway, when all of a sudden, a big white flash flashed. Hahah a dumb speeding camera caught me. But the thing is, I was going 70 km/hr and then right after the sign that said 70, there was a sign that said 50 with a camera not too far behind it. For this year, one of my goals is to pick a certain Christlike attribute to work on for every month. Well, this month's attribute is honesty. So I'll be honest, I was going over the speed limit and no excuses, I got flashed by a speeding camera. Yep. Anyways moving on, the next day we had the exchange! I was able to serve with Elder Jensen, who is from Birmingham, England. He is a brand new missionary, so it was fun to be able to be with a trainee again! He is killing it out there, being bold, talking with people, and sharing his testimony. We had some good finding time on the streets, and during one conversation we were having, a random man came and interrupted us by calling us a sect and telling the man with whom we were speaking that we are a sect and he should be careful around us. Unfortunately, shortly after that, the man decided to stop conversing. Being moved upon by the spirit, we both walked straight up to the man who destroyed the convo, turned him around, and told him "Excuse us sir..." and before we could say anything else, he said back to us "Hey I was joking" with fear in his voice haha. I mean Elder Jensen and I were bigger than this guy, and we stood real close to him so he was pretty scared haha. After a convo with him, he accepted a Book of Mormon and left.

We also had the opportunity to meet with several people that I grew to love when I served there. One of them was a member who is super spiritual and humble. He lives in a humble apartment with no real electricity, but yet offers food every time. He actually had one of his non member friends over to meet with us as well. Unfortunately, his friend only speaks russian and ukrainian, so we did our best to communicate with him. During the meeting, we testified of the Atonement and the spirit was palpable, similar to the other meetings I had with this member when I served in Bydgoszcz. After the lesson, they both asked for blessings, so Elder Jensen gave the member a blessing for the first time in Polish, and i blessed his friend. It was so spiritual and humbling to see a new missionary bless a Polish man in Polish for the first time. Tears filled my eyes as he blessed him by the priesthood of God.
It was amazing to be back in Bydgoszcz for the day, meeting with good friends, finding people to teach, and eating the famous fish n chips and mini pizzas.

On Saturday, we were able to attend a baptism of a guy from Gdańsk, who after years of searching, found the truth and is deeply converted. He is one of many who prove that there are people being prepared by the Lord for the truth of the restored gospel.

Hope you all had an amazing week and I wish you all the best!

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