September 30, 2019




Elder Nielson


Hey everyone!! It was a way eventful week this week, ending in both me and Elder Nielson getting sick (just a cold), so lemme tell ya what happened!

First off, we received our new transfer calls this week! Elder Nielson (my current comp) will stay in Kielce and will train a new missionary, and I will leave to Warsaw and serve as Assistant to President Chandler, along side Elder McArthur again! I'm super excited and humbled to be able to go and serve with Elder McArthur as APs in Warsaw. Lots of adventures lie ahead!

This week was our week to travel Poland and film all of the parts that we needed to! So we traveled all week to Warsaw, Gdańsk, and Wrocław. It was way fun, and the Lord blessed us with so many small but significant miracles throughout the journey.


We traveled around the city and filmed missionaries doing several different things, including crocheting and walking along the pier in Sopot.


We filmed me and Elder McArthur kicking the ball back and forth around Stalins Tower, filmed a door approach and lessons, family history, service at an old folks home, had food with the YSA and other things.


Filmed a bunch of missionaries drawing the plan of salvation with chalk, playing the violin, reading scriptures, drawing, visiting Babcia, teaching English and so on.

Im other words, we filmed a whole bunch of stuff, and I hope you all get to watch the final product! Elder Nielson, Stewart, and Moody specifically helped with the lighting and filming and other stuff that made it just look awesome! I felt like I was on a legit movie set for a week!

The goal is to basically help share the gospel in other ways besides the usual street contacting and door to door approach. Though those methods work too, we all have other talents and tools we can use. Rather than just using a hammer for every job, we can use other tools and methods to build the kingdom of God!

And after our huge trip, we got wrecked with colds..but it's okay cuz we're both already way better than we were on the train ride home from Wrocław haha.

Always remember that the Lord will bless us and consecrate our efforts in life. Let us be faithful in keeping the commandments of God.

The work moves on!

Kocham was!

Starszy Edwards


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