June 5, 2019




Elder Theobald

Training is Awesome!

Hey everyone!! I hope everyone had an amazing school year, and that you all will have a great summer! Lemme tell ya, summer has definitely arrived here as well. It's been so hot, and I'm finally starting to warm up from last winter hahaha. Especially with living in the attic in Legnica, it gets pretty toasty.

So this week I finished out my last few days in Bydgoszcz! Elder Masłowski came up to be Elder McArthurs new companion, so we were in a trio for two days. It was way fun! We had 3 meetings all together as well. Then, I said my goodbyes to some really amazing people, hoping that I'll see them again soon. It's always sad leaving an area, but there's always an excitement for the new adventure that's in the next city! When good times end, there's always more memories that lie ahead.

So I got to Warsaw...alone haha, and the APs were at the station to pick me up. Then, I spent the night at their apartment, and then went and picked up Elder Theobald, my trainee!! He's a great kid, even though hes older than me haha. He has a big heart, and he's super excited to get into the work. And that's exactly what we did.

So we got into Legnica, and had to carry all 6 of our huge bags by foot to our apartment. It was a struggle, but we did it! We got in late, so we got some dinner and some good sleep.

The next day was crazy. We ran all over the city, trying to find the right Urząd for Elder Theobald's legal work. So finally we found it, and got it all situated. After that, we headed over to Wrocław for District Council! It was my first time being District Leader, so it was way fun leading District Council. Our theme for this transfer is "Znajdź Cuda" or "Find Miracles". There are so many miracles out there just waiting to be found, big or small, we can find them. Right as we closed up, Wiktor walked right into the chapel! It was so good to see him again, even though it had been only 2 or so months, it was good to see him again!

The next couple of days, we worked way hard. We were out finding all day long in the heat, but it was just so much fun. We had a lot of good conversations, and actually found a guy who was way prepared for the gospel. It was a funny story, so we stopped him and asked him if we could share a message about Christ. He said he was in a hurry, but was interested, so we exchanged numbers and told him to meet in the exact same spot the next day. He agreed. So, the next day, we met him in that same spot, and shared the message of the Boom of Mormon. He agreed to continue meeting with us, and we hope to help bring him closer to Christ as we meet these upcoming weeks. Miracles happen!!

Sunday was just the best day, seeing all the members that I served with in my first transfer again. It felt just like the good ol days with Elder Asendrych, except I could understand them and speak back to them Haha. I love each of them so much, and they will definitely all be my friends for life. I can't wait to someday visit the same people years from now with a family of my own. The more I serve here, the more I feel the unity that exists within the church. It doesn't matter where we are in the world, because we can always find Christ.

Well that's it for the week. I'm back in the South, and I'm here to stay!

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