April 16, 2014




Elda King

Cyclones and Wild Pigs in Rotuma!

Faiak se’ea Family! March 4, 2014
I hope this letter finds you all in good spirits  How are you all doing? I hope you are all healthy and enjoying the nice warm Arizona weather. Rotuma is going well, still working hard but a few discouraging moments here and there lol. Don’t worry it can’t get me down Haha. Man it kind of feels weird being all the way out here on our own, it’s like we in our own mission Haha. Sometimes it can be hard but you just gotta deal with it. We have been able to pick up some new investigators. It’s a couple probably in their 50s; their names are Maika and Muivoi. They are super nice and unlike others, as soon as we stopped at their home they pulled out the mats for us to sit on and invited us in with nice warm smiles. They have 8 children but I think only 2 of them are still living at home. The village that they live in is called itumata and after every lesson, brother Maika climbs the coconut tree and brings some Bu (the green coconut) for us to drink. Awesome family. We have some investigators that are great and love to have us share with them and they even testify that they’ve read and prayed about the Book of Mormon and they know that it is true but they will not commit to come to church or to a baptismal date. Maybe we as missionaries need to be more bold in our invitations or something cuz this seems to be the case with a few of our investigators. This past week was Fast Sunday and we were able to have all the members at church on Sunday. There are members who live very far away from the chapel so every fast Sunday we pay for a transport to pick those members up and bring them and then drop them off afterwards.

Man the weather here the past two weeks was crazy!! We had two cyclone warnings and a hurricane warning. The whole phone system for the island went down and all the power in Suva town was off. It was pretty mean. The wind and rain just wouldn’t stop even the waves were huge!!!!!!! I was scared our little tin flat would fly away lol. It was hard cuz we couldn’t really leave the flat so we couldn’t get too much work done. We have a stack of New Eras, Liahonas, Ensigns and Friend magazines, some of them dating back to 2002. I read the whole stack in 1 day Haha. Elder King and I are still having temple prep classes. We only have 1 student Brother Wong. His wife and son are in Fiji cuz she is about to have her baby. They’re a great family and Brother Wong feeds us all the time. Brother Wong is an accountant at the BioFuel place here on Rotuma and he comes from a big family of 12. One of his brothers is a big hunter and has a lot of dogs so he’ll bring back wild boar whenever he goes to the jungle. Bro. Wong always feeds us wild pig and it is super good!! Well in the next couple weeks I should be getting another companion here on Rotuma. Well love you fam and miss you all very much. Give my love to the ward and the rest of the family.

Much love, Fu ma’alalum
Elder Nawahine


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