February 12, 2014




Elda King

Adventures in Rotuma

Dear Family Feb. 12, 2014
Man sorry this is only the 2nd letter I have written since I’ve been on Rotuma. This place is HOT!!!!! I’m getting black out here! I’m doing fine; I’m healthy and trying to keep up my weight as much as possible. Elder King is doing well. He is a great companion and we talk a lot about the “U” because he went to school there before coming out on the mission. He is nearly finished. He finishes in May and his parents are coming to pick him up. The financial lady called the other day and told him what day he’ll be flying home and everything. He says he feels like he just started his mission yesterday. The work here is moving slowly as it always has on this island. It’s very hard to find investigators without the help of the branch. It also doesn’t help that 2 of the 3 Melchizedek Priesthood holders are drinking kava every other night. It gets very frustrating when you feel like you and your companion are doing all you can but it’s never enough. The members here are good people and I love them but sometimes they can be too much. Elda King and I speak very often in sacrament meeting and most of the time they not even listening to us or even awake! Ugh! I’m sorry but I just needed to vent my feelings to someone other than Elder King cuz then both of us won’t be able to stop talking lol! My favorite family here is the Wongs. Brother Wong was baptized last year, and his wife and their 3 year old son caught the boat to Suva so Sister Wong could have her baby there. I guess the hospital here is not guaranz. I really miss Adrian (their son). He looks like the little Bruce Lee from Ip Man II. We hang out with Brother Wong a lot cuz he’s the only one home. They surprised Elder King and I and said they’re going to name their baby after Elder King and I lol. It was something like Jason Luke O’Keola Wong! Haha man I felt so honored! By the way I do read your emails every week so please keep them coming. We have no computers here so we use the phone and it usually takes an hour to send one email. I really enjoy reading them  it took about a month for me to receive your letter so it wasn’t too long. I would suggest that you just send it to the mission office to be safe. Man our gas cylinder ran out of gas the other night and the shop was already closed. So we cooked on the fire Saturday, Sunday and Monday afternoon we walked to the shop and exchanged it! It was quite the experience! Lol! Man I’m pretty bummed cuz we not going in to Suva for Elder Anderson’s visit. It makes sense though. The flight one way here on Rotuma is $600. So we from Rotuma and the elders from Tuvalu won’t be going in. The Rotuman language is hard man!!!! However the people are pretty fluent in English. I still study it every day and learn as much as I can. I’ve been taking lots of pics and video. Hopefully for Pday this coming week we will take our bikes around the island and go sightseeing. Well fam I hope you are all healthy and doing well. Keep up the good work in school and on the field. I love you and think about you daily. Take care and know that your son and big brother is working hard 
Love you!
Elda Nawahine


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