January 15, 2014




Elda King

Called to serve the people of Rotuma

Faiak se’ea! Bula Vinaka! Aloha!
Hey Fam! Man it feels like forever since I’ve sent a letter or proper email. How are you all doing? I hope everyone is healthy and doing well. It must be nice cool weather right now in Arizona aye? Man I really miss you guys! Holiday season was pretty good but it’s nothing like spending time with the family. Man I forgot to ask what you did for thanksgiving, what you all got for Christmas, and how New Years was. I pretty much told you all my experiences from the holidays. Christmas day was a big day for us but other than that we pretty much worked. Well how are sports going? Basketball season probably starting, I still remember the clippers vs. Suns game we went to last year, man that was super fun! I hope my brothers are making a list of new movies, music, video games, etc. 2 years is a long time lol I miss my movies and music. It’s all good cuz when I have free time I can’t just turn on the t.v. or jump on the computer here. Really the only fun thing to do is study the scriptures and watch a few church videos if the portable is charged which most of the time is not cuz we have no electricity.
Girls how are you doing? I hope yous take care of each other and play nicely with each other. I see these two little girls everyday their names are Matataf and Aileen and they are members. They are so cute and remind me so much of you two.
When is the temple cultural celebration? Lijie you might be on bro! Hahaha! They still doing a story on you? You still singing? Alrighty sorry I know I’m asking heaps of questions. Well let me tell you about the boat ride and coming to Rotuma. So Monday Elder King and I flew in to Suva from Vanua Levu and our boat didn’t leave until Wednesday so we stayed with the Elders in Wailoku where I had served before getting transferred to Rotuma. So that was fun. Tuesday we had district meeting then Elder King and I went riding around with Elder Hogge who is the office couple. He took us around to run some errands and buy some stuff we needed for the flat in Rotuma. Wednesday we were able to do some shopping before leaving for the wharf. We bought a bunch of food for the trip cuz we didn’t know if there was going to be like a concession. Man it was so hot in the boat!!!! We were constantly sweating because of how hot it was. There wasn’t very much shade the whole trip so it was hard to stay cool. At night time everybody would sleep outside on the deck cuz it was too hot inside. I was able to find a few boards for Elder King and I to lie on outside on the deck. We packed with us a loaf of bread, pb, jam, crackers, cup of noodles, and I brought 3 gallons of water. The third day we woke up and we could see the island!!!!!!!!!!!!! This place is too beautiful for words!!!!!!!!!!!!! White sandy beaches, clear blue oceans, the island is so green and beautiful! The roads are all sand roads. It is actually really nice. The people of Rotuma look like Samoans and their language sounds like Tongan mixed with French and Russian lol. Everyone has these “kaput” looking motorcycles that they drive around on. The people here are VERY different from the Fijians!!!!
Our flat is kind of old; it is right on the beach so we get a nice breeze once in a while. There are about 15 members that go to church on Sundays. The work here is pretty slow, we have been trying to get into homes but the preachers from other faiths tell their congregations not to meet with us. Half the island is Catholic and the other half is Methodist. The key to moving the work forward is the members. There used to be problems between the members before but hopefully they’ve put that all aside. The families here are awesome. We see them every day and I would love to send pictures home to yous. The families are the Wongs, Penjuelis, Alberts and fau’eros. Usually on Sundays elder king and I are pretty busy with branch stuff. The members feed us weekly but not every day. We do mostly our own meals. Lucky thing we have bikes or it would be hard to get around. Elder king and I teach Sunday school, seminary at the high school, and we have FHE with the branch families every week. Each family having their own day. Since I have been here I have eaten heaps of watermelon, mango, papaya, pineapple, and bread fruit. I have been taking lots of pictures and video so don’t worry. On P-days we use the members phone to email and sometimes it takes forever so we only get to send a short message. Most days we don’t have much work to do so we either find some kind of service or we visit less actives. It’s hard to find work here but it will happen one day. Well it’s getting late so I better wrap this up. I’m doing well here, trying to gain weight, don’t worry about me I’m on the Lord’s errand  I love you all so much and think of you every day. I want you all to try your hardest to be good for mom and dad and be obedient! Also since I have been out on my mission I have realized how proud I am to be Hawaiian. We have an awesome culture and I want to invite all of you to learn all you can from our culture. Study it and learn of our traditions. Go on the internet and try to learn the language. Do all you can to try and keep it, to try and preserve it because it’s fading. Well I love you all and hope school is going well and work going well for you dad. Love and miss you and look forward to hearing back soon!

Much Love
Elda Nawahine
P.S. The $2 bill is not used anymore but I managed to get a hold on a few 


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