August 11, 2013




Elda Tamuera

Elder Nawahine/Tamuera teach Chief of Village

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Sent: Sun 8/11/13 5:31 PM
To: Hauoli Nawahine (; STEVEN NAWAHINE (
Hello family! man this week went by faster than i thought. How you guys doing? how was school? you guys like your teachers? man it feels weird not having to go to school, its actually nice but everyday on the mission is like a test ah. Whats been going on in America? lol anything interesting happening? any cool t.v shows, new games, movies? update me hehe. Shoot well this last week i had some cool experiences, the work has dropped a little bit since we've been looking for new investigators. Most of our investigators are teenagers and its hard to teach them on the weekdays cuz they have school and they don't get off the bus until about 6:30 and the whole village is pretty much sleeping by 8. I love doing service with the people here its a lot of fun, we go and help them with their farm, we plant stuffs, and it really does open opportunities to teach. Well the 2 brothers and the sister that i baptized 2 weeks ago, their parents aren't members, they're Assembly of God and are pretty involved with the church. I believe the father is one of the preachers. Well Elder Tamuera and i saw him on the road the other day and we stopped and talked with him and he's been reading the pamphlets that our branch president gave him and he really wants to come to our church. However, he is supported somewhat by the church he is in right now so he can't just leave or they'll tell him to move out of their house. He decided to start building another house closer by the chapel so that his family can move in and start coming to the LDS church. He says once the new house is finished, his whole family will be in church the next sunday. It was mean to see the faith that this man has, to leave the church he is in right now and join his children and his wife in our church. Saturday night Elder Tamuera and i had the idea to have a combined youth activity night. We always see the kids on the weekend just walking around and not really doing anything, so tamuera and i went and cut down some trees and put up a volleyball net outside the chapel and had about 10 youth there and we were able to talk to some of them if they would be interested in taking the lessons. We bought some cookies from the shop and made some tang and it was a pretty fun activity. Yesterday Elder tamuera and i along with a member from our branch presidency went and taught the chief of Qeleni. At first it was kind of awkward because he's a chief, he had just finished drinking kava and was kind of out of it, and his house is really nice. He had a lot of good questions about the Book of Mormon, he's about half way through and we testified to him that if he prays and continues to read that he will know the truth for himself. He then asked "How will i know if this book is true or not?" we explained to him about the holy ghost and read with him Moroni 10. It was a mean experience. Well Zone conference is this week and we'll be catching the little ferry across to vanua levu then ride the bus 5 hours to SavuSavu. We'll come back on friday. My friend Ara is in the MTC right now and her intake will be coming in on September 9th and there are 24 missionaries in her intake. There's a chance that i'll train :/ Well i hope you guys have a mean week and start off the school year right. Stay focused and be obedient and work hard aye. Love yous and talk to you next week.


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