July 28, 2013




Elda Tamuera

Elder Nawahine/Tamuera baptizes 3 this week

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To: Hauoli Nawahine (; STEVEN NAWAHINE (

Wassup fam! hope you guys had a great week. you guys probably all gutted cuz you have to go back to school soon but mom needs a break anyway haha how are you all doing? i'm glad you guys got my letter. Some of the elders from my intake say that they have sent letters home with their camera memory card in them and the letter gets lost so one of them lost all the pictures and videos from the MTC. So this past week wasn't too busy. We weren't in our area too much this week cuz my companion cut his leg with the sele (machete) while we were helping one of the members farm. It was nasty he cut the vein and blood came spitting out! the villagers put some kind of grass on it to stop the blood but when we got to the hospital they were kind of mad cuz they couldn't stitch it right away because of all the dirt and grass that was stuck inside the wound. Anyways we had to go back to the hospital everyday this week to clean the wound but its all goods now, i guess he won't be getting stitches. While this week i had my first lovo (imu) it was mean! We had pork curry and pork from the lovo. It was a small pig though so i was wondering why they don't wait till it gets bigger. Well this is my last week in the training program and transfers are coming up soon. It really scared me this week because the zone leaders texted my district leader asking if i had my Fiji license yet and if i didn't, would i be comfortable taking the test on August 15 when we go to vanua levu for Zone Conference. So i was thinking either i'm going to a driving area or the truck is coming back to Taveuni lol. Either way i'll be happy wherever i go. Yesterday i had the opportunity to baptize 3 of our investigators: Jale, Mere, and Wakowako. It was an awesome experience! Our branch is growing every week and we're starting to get less actives back to church. Less actives that the members haven't seen in years. Our church attendance was 55 yesterday! After the baptism we had a huge feed for lunch: dalo, tavioka, fish, chicken curry, cabbiage and onion, and chowmein. The parents of the kids that we baptized didn't make it to their kids baptism because they are involved with the AOG church but afterwards they were talking to our branch president and our branch president asked us to give the father the lesson pamphlets for him to read over and if he had any questions he could ask us. Yups that was pretty much my week, short and sweet lol I love you guys and think of you all the time and always look forward to emailing yous on Pday. Continue to read scriptures, pray and be obedient to mom and dad and help around the house. Love you guys and will talk to you next week!

lolo levu kemudou,
Elda Nawahine


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