July 17, 2017


Saginaw, MI


Elder Proudfoot

It was a killer week!

Hey y'all, hope everyone is doing good, it's been a fantastic week here in Saginaw Michigan! Lots of cool things happened, so I'll will get right down to it!

Monday evening we went to give someone a blessing in the hospital, and their family weren't members, but their relatives are and suggested that we come and administer to her. We we came and found out this lady was in a coma and on life support and wasn't expected to live, in fact they planned to take her off life support the next day because she had no brain function. Well we gave her the blessing and they invited us back the next day to be with the family as they take her off life support (what an honor!). So we did, and we all piled into this room and they said we have some news. They said she had brain function and was supposed to make a recovery! What a true miracle, I don't have enough words to say how great that was! The power of the priesthood is real!

Wednesday we had a lesson with a guy we have taught a few times and has been taught by missionaries for over 3 years. We we had fantastic lesson with him and have been discussing his desires to be baptized. Well we asked him if he had thought and prayed about a day and he said yep, and wants to be baptized on, you know it, July 30th! It's my last day in the field, and he wanted me to be there!! What an honor and privilege, I truly know the Lord prepares a way! I have been praying and promising the Lord that I will give my all to see a baptism my last day in the mission field, and God is good! I couldn't be happier, he is one of my favorite people ever!! It'll be a great day!! We also have two more lined up for 29th of July that are excited and ready to make that covenant as well.

Sunday I had the opportunity to go on splits with the Midland stake president and area authority, Elder Dunnigan. We had a great time!

The rest of the week was Great and filled with great miracles and events. Things are going great, just working hard trying to do all I can before the final day.

I have a testimony of the gospel and this work. It's true and I know the Lord takes care of His missionaries. He is with me as I strive to do my very best, even when I feel like I can't or may not want too. The enabling power of the Atonement is real, and I testify of it!!

Love you all, and talk to ya next week!!

Elder Brown


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