May 17, 2016


Rockford, MI (Grand Rapids 3)


Elder Burton

Hard work is starting to pay off!

Hello Friends and Family! Its been a crazy week, so this will get to you a little late. But all is well here in Rockford Michigan and I'm super excited to explain what happened this past week. We have had some awesome miracles happen recently and its really been a sweet ride. The Lord has blessed us, and it is truly rewarding to know our hard work is finally paying off! Ill get right too it:

Monday we visited a couple cool stores like 'Made in Michigan', which is a shop for Michigan souvenirs, super sweet! We then went to eat as a district and then began trade-offs. I went to downtown Grand Rapids with Elder Thompson who is from Gilbert, Arizona. We had a blast downtown, and got a lot of things accomplished. Pretty cool, he went to Basha High and played football and was their kicker. He set some pretty crazy records and was just an all around good kicker. We actually went to one of the fields downtown and I got to see him kick, the kid has a leg! But anyways, it was a blast!

Tuesday Elder Thompson and I contacted a lot of referrals, less actives and potentials (they have a lot down here). We did a little bit of door knocking too and were able to talk to a lot of really cool people. We had missionary coordination and Book of Mormon class that evening and were able to discuss Mosiah chapters 8-11. It was awesome! We had 3 people attend (that is good for us, we usually have only 1), so our class is growing.

Wednesday we had district meeting and interviews with our Mission president. My interview went really well, we were able to discuss a lot of things that would help our area. Something was said, and he pretty much said I'm staying in Rockford 6 months, so that was cool. After lunch, we traded back and Elder Burton and I went back to Rockford and were able to contact some potentials, have a lesson with one of our less active/part member couples, and have dinner at the Lewis's. At interviews as well, we were taught how to properly conduct a church tour from the Mission President's wife, so that was good.

Thursday we tracted just about all day, from 11am to 6pm. We were able to go out to the outskirts of our area and tract in places where missionaries haven't been or haven't touched in years, so that was good and we were able to talk to a lot of really nice people and find some to contact, so that was exciting. We had dinner at the Magistri's and they always cook up a really good meal!

Friday we completed our weekly planning session and knocked for about 2 hours before a lesson. We also were able to talk with some people from the Lions Club organization in Rockford. Apparently they are all over the U.S. We talked to some older gentlemen for a while, and then a lady and got information on how we can volunteer, so hopefully there is something we can do. This will definitely be a great service opportunity. Something really cool, one of the gentlemen said "if I wasn't Catholic, I'd be a Mormon". I though that was a super good phrase and even though he wasn't interested he knows of the good things we as members do and hopefully a seed was planted in him. Super cool experience. Now here's what the highlight of the week was, at least it begins here. We had a lesson with Gloria, our super solid less active! We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and committed her to come to church. When the Elders who were in Rockford on Tuesday invited her she said that she was a little apprehensive. But when we invited her again, she said she would with no hesitation! I know the Spirit touched her heart! She is great, she may have a few hold ups, but nothing that can't be helped!

Saturday we did service just about all day, beginning at the Hatch's digging a pond/ waterfall for their backyard and helping the Magistri's move washers, dryers and fridges (yes those are all plural). From 9am to almost 9pm, it was quite the day. Elder Burton and I were pretty sore the next day, Haha!

Sunday Gloria came to church!! We were so excited to see her there, and she had a great time! She had Sister Lewis as her fellowshipper and they got along great! Elder Burton and I were super happy to finally see the fruits of our labors and have our hard work pay off. Gloria is a special daughter of God, and it was a total miracle that we found her! The Lord works through His servants to bring salvation to His children. As long as we work hard, the Lord will lead us to those that are prepared. I testify in the name of Jesus Christ that this is his Kingdom on earth and His work to help each one of His children return to Him.

Love you all! Have a great week and talk to you soon!

Elder Brown

Michigan Lansing Mission
'The Greatest mission in the World'


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