March 28, 2016


Rockford, MI (Grand Rapids 3)


Elder Burton

A ray of light in Rockford

Hey everybody! Hope you all had a great week! I'm gonna get right to the nitty gritty today.

Monday we had what we call Zone Pday. It is where everyone in the zone gets together as a zone a have fun, hence the name. We went to the Stake president's house in Byron Center, which is just below Grand Rapids. We ate sweet pork burritos (boy those were good, haven't had that in a while), played some volleyball, football, soccer, ninja and signs. It was a blast for sure! That evening we had trade-offs, and Elder Adams the district leader came to Rockford with me.

Tuesday was great! We started the day with service at Kent community services. That went great. We started with our finding for the day and were able to knock for quite a while. We found a pretty solid potential though, so I was stoked! Then we had Book of Mormon class (with one attendee, but hey its growing) and dinner and then traded back.

Wednesday we had district meeting on the Atonement and Easter. Very spiritual experience. We then headed back to our area and began to knock. It started raining and after about 3 hours, we (I more than Elder Burton) were drenched. It was windy, cold and raining, so that was super fun. We went back and threw our clothes in the dryer and then headed to dinner with the Hallings, a super nice couple. She is YW president and he is in Sunday School. They are great people!

Thursday was our walk day, so after weekly planning, we began our finding. It was also windy, cold and raining, so we had some more fun with that. I was just glad it wasn't snow, cause I'm tired of that stuff. Not too much success but we were able to talk to a lot of people. We had dinner with the ward mission leader and wife, and were able to discuss some things to help us in our missionary work. They are great and full of knowledge!

Friday did some tracting, but then we were able to teach Ian, our potential we found on Tuesday. He is so solid! After we left on Tuesday, he researched what our title "Elder" meant and actually read a ton more, so before we started, he asked about the priesthood and a few other things! We were blown away, but we had a two hour lesson with this guy, because he had so many questions. He is just a humble guy seeking truth!

Saturday we decided to walk because we are low on miles, so we did just that and went out finding and contacting. We talked to a lot of people and didn't have one person who was even remotely interested in us coming back. First day though we walked around in just white shirts with no jackets so we were getting a lot of looks from people. Its good to be out and be seen!

Sunday was good. It was Easter Sunday, and we had a some great talks and musical numbers. It was really a inspiring sacrament meeting. We had a wonderful Easter dinner at the Daniels. We ad ham, potatoes, rolls, and tons more. Such a delicious dinner! Hope you all had a great Easter.

Thanks all for everything! Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Brown


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