October 12, 2015


Owosso, MI


Elder Aros

Another week in Michigan

Hey family and friends! Can't believe its been another week! This past one has been pretty exciting! Lots of cool stuff has happened! It has been cooling down a lot here, we are now in the 40s and 50s. But with no wind its great weather! Things have been pretty awesome!

Had a cool P-day. Went around and visited some pretty cool places here in Owosso. The only sit-in Little Caesars in the US is here in Owosso. Ya mind blown its awesome! Found out too that we have the oldest mission president in the world, so that's pretty cool! But he is a stud! He is so full of knowledge and wisdom, and I've just heard of the amazing changes that have come about because of him! Boy am I blessed! This truly is the greatest mission in the world!

Did a lot of driving on Tuesday. We went up north to some neighboring towns Oakley, Chesaning, and New Lothrop. We visited less actives, contacted referals and did some finding. We found a few solid potential investigators so hopefully they will turn out.

We had our usual district meeting on Wednesday. After, we went on tradeoffs, so our district leader came to Owosso with me. That was pretty nerve-racking, but I worked hard and did my best! He is a really cool Elder that showed me some cool things! We talked to a guy named Steve for about 2 hours about the restoration. He knew some church history himself, so we explained more and cleared some not so true stuff up. That was way awesome! Then later while out visiting less actives, I told my district leader about my frustrations and things I was struggling with. I explained that the members like to hang out and are okay with us "taking a break" so to speak from being a missionary. I explained that I was sick and tired of it and I go to bed with a pit in my stomach, like I have failed as a missionary. Its hard because 1) I don't want to offend the people or have them dislike me, and 2) I'm the new guy so what do I know. We had dinner that night with a young married couple, she's a member and he's not, that love to play board games after dinner. It happened once before in August, but I knew that wasn't right. Being the newbie I didn't say anything. But I knew I had to tell them that as missionaries, we are representatives of our Savior Jesus Christ, and we should not be playing board games after dinner. My district leader helped me and gave me some advice on how to handle the situation. He explained that past missionaries have done this, kind of like breaking your arm. And when you don't reset the bone, it heals and grows back weird. Sometimes we have to be the ones to "break the bone" again, so that it can heal properly. He said he would help me as I told them. Well I told them and it was weird. It was more awkward than it needed to be. But they were totally ok with it. I told them that on our pday if they wanted to, we could but not during the week. I'm tired of the easygoing attitudes. I did not come all the way to Michigan to sit on someones couch and "hang out". Still trying to get things figured out here, but I'm learning and continuing to do the best I can. I'M A MISSIONARY!

Sunday we had our Stake conference, and we heard from Elder Alain L. Allard, an area authority. It was awesome! He explained the importance of family history and how we ALL need to immerse ourselves in the Spirit of Elijah! We were filled so much spiritually and it was cool to see! I absolutely love The Lansing Stake!

Well I'm running out of time...but I appreciate all the love support from you all back home! I miss ya and think about you every day! I will try to answer more of your letters and emails soon! Love you all and talk to ya next week!

P.S. Shout out to Brandi, Jordan, Tomas, Sami, Emmet and Justin! Congrats on heading out and getting your calls! This work is great, and I'm excited for all of you getting out and start serving!

Elder Brown


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