August 6, 2015


MTC Provo, UT


Elder Liu

Hellooo Family and friends!!!!

Dear everyone,

Hows it going?! Hope you all are doing well! Been waiting all week to finally send an email! So I'm thinking that I'll send a big email to everyone and then email you and the Fam other stuff! Sound good? So where do I begin? I saw Uncle Brad at the Airport!!!!! That was so cool because I didn't think I would see him but we pretty much walked into each other! So cool to see ya Brad and tell me how the concert goes here next week! I've told about everyone that my uncle is in the Nashville Tribute Band so I guess you could say they think I'm pretty cool!! haha no but I cant wait to hear how it goes! Haha thx for the package by the way its awesome! Ha well when Brett and Kathy dropped me off, a missionary helped me with my luggage and stuff and said he was going to be my host. I walked ten feet and saw Elder Hofeling!!! He told the missionary he would take it from here and hosted me around the campus! It was awesome! Love that Elder! He actually just left this morning for the Philippines so I wish him the best of luck! I also saw Elder Gurr and Elder Watson before they headed out this week as well! Love those Elders too! Elder Watson was actually in the classroom right next to me for our class sessions! He was also in my branch too so I got to see him a bunch!!! I hope he's doing well in Houston now! I have also seen Elder Poulsen around too! I absolutely love seeing all these good friends of mine with our nametags and everything! Straight studs! Well my companion Elder Liu is way cool! He is from Eagle Mountain Utah and is an awesome missionary! Together we are learning so much! The spirit felt on this campus is insane and I just love it here! Our roommates Elder Gray and Elder Borzoni are also from Utah (so I'm the only Arizona kid haha) and they are so cool! The experiences we have had together are just amazing, and confirms to us each day that this church is true! Me and Elder Liu (loo) have been able to teach a few investigators and have committed them to read the Book of Mormon and pray and about it! Some have said that they will and others didn't seem too sure, but we promised them that as they sincerely read it and pray about it, Heavenly Father will answer their prayers! The spirit as we testify to them of this gospel and Jesus Christ is Amazing! One thing that has helped me here a lot is role-playing. Me and my companion practice with each other how to approach investigators needs and to help them know of the truthfulness of the gospel! I have seen this help me become a better preacher, and I say preacher because it says in preach my gospel that "As missionaries we preach, and the Spirit teaches". I have seen that as I have come to listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Some cool things that happened um Elder Nelson came and spoke to us!!!!! So that was cool!! He taught that we are a heaven-based church, not a Utah-based church. Which is so true because we do not worship Utah or any of its leaders, we worship our Father in Heaven and our Savior Jesus Christ. Nothing else to it. He also taught that true conversion is putting off "the natural man" and striving each day to become like our Savior Jesus Christ. Sheri Dew also came and spoke to us so that was good! One thing that I have seen is how the first vision account, if memorized and spoken with boldness and power, brings the Spirit in immediately. I KNOW its true without a doubt in my heart. Elder Gurr taught me the first vision in Norwegian before he left!! It was awesome and the Spirit was just as strong as it would have been said in English! It was amazing! Well our district is pretty awesome! Me and Elder Liu received the assignment to be the online coordinators which is crazy because I know nothing about computers! Haha but Elder Liu has helped me with that! The food here is pretty good and Elder Watson told me to eat a salad with lunch and dinner so I have. yes I know what your thinking Hunter?! Eating a salad?!?!' Yep I sure have. I just drown it in honey mustard and its good. Haha the hamburgers here are good, but not Fuddrucker material! And pretty much everything here they slap a gravy on it so it's annoying!! Haha but it is truly amazing here! Can't wait to hit Michigan!! I'm probably forgetting stuff because I'm running out of time but I love you all and I love to hear from ya! Take Care everyone! The church is true, if you learn it live it love it, you'll be happy I promise ya!! Next time I email it will be from Michigan!!!!


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