July 15, 2018


Oatlands, Australia


Elder Mafi Vili

Elder Kaas-Australia-Week 45

This past week was all goods. On Tuesday, we met our new mission president, President Runia. He has a Dutch background. When I first met him he told me how to pronounce my last name. I am sorry Kaas family but we have been saying it wrong all this time. It is NOT pronounced (KASS) it is pronounced how everyone says it when they see our name for the first like (KOSS). He also knew that my last name means cheese in Dutch. President Runia is a great man. he has two children that are still with him and his wife. It is kinda weird having them around but all goods. That was the main highlight of the week. Everything is still the same and going great. We got to do some service with the Stake president which was really good. Other than that just another week aye. Sorry for the short letter. Thanks again to all those who wish me a happy birtday it was really nice of yous. Have a great week.

Elder Kaas

Dear Mum and Dad,
This past week was all goods. The new President is great. He said he isn't going to change anything and he really has only 2 rules from him. Don't be late and don't do stupid things. Looks like the trip was fun as. Thanks for the package. I gave my companion some mike and Ike's and he loved them. He saw me eating them and was kinda just staring, then i asked if he wanted any and gave some to him. He ate some and said hmm that's pretty good, so i gave him the rest of the box haha. Thank you heaps for the love and support. Hope yous have a great week n Morro Bay. Don't have too much Taffy.

Alofa Atu,

Elder Kaas


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