November 19, 2017


Cowra, Australia


Elder Olsen

Australia Week 11

This week was all good. On Monday we taught our recent convert on Temples and Families and we are planning to get her to the temple within 30 days of her baptism. She is pretty solid though. The next day we did trade offs with the Bathurst Elders so I spent the day with Elder Parker. He is crack up, he is from Hamilton, New Zealand. He heard that there was someone who owned a camel in Cowra and he went bonkers, he was keen as to see it so I took him there. Later we went to Orange to visit some people that the sisters couldn't. We met an older bloke who is Tongan and we are going to see him this Thursday on our way up to Dubbo. We met another guy who was 75 and was completely bonkers. He told us he wrote the Book of Mormon in 1947 in Australia which means he wrote it when he was 5 years old. It was pretty crack up but glad we got to make his day better with a visit. This next week is the last week of the transfer so I may leave or stay we don't know yet. Either way I'd be happy. Hope yous have a great week.


Elder Kaas
Letter to Mum and Dad-

Dear Mum and Dad,

This week was all good. I finished reading the New Testament this week. You learn a lot from Jesus. One of the things that really reached out to me was in Matthew ch 7 verses 1-5. Make sure you read what is a mote and a beam down in the foot notes. One of the things we get a lot from people is that our works won't get us anywhere. They always read us the same scripture Ephesians 2:8-9. It's pretty easy to see that they are fed this information though which makes us sad. But reading the New Testament you read many times that we are judged by works and all that. All we can do to those people is tell them what we believe and love and pray for them. I have started the Book of Mormon again and I am at 2 Nephi 1. Sounds like yous were ready for this week of Holidays ay? Glad yous are working hard. Hope yous have a great Thanksgiving with the family.


Elder Kaas

Letter to Chloe-
Sounds like you're having a good time in Young women's. I think the kids are in their summer holidays now. I have had vegamite once and it taste alright. Just don't put too much on your food. On P day we email, buy groceries, clean the car and flat, then we can do whatever until 6pm then we start proselyting until 9pm. the meme was crack up. I am having thanksgiving up in Dubbo with the rest of the Zone at the senior couples house. Then I might have another one with Rod the Rabbi next tuesday if I am still in Cowra. Hope you have a great thanksgiving.

Elder Kaas


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