October 11, 2016


Dillon, MT


Rodney Crockett

Internet outage and getting cold

So sorry I had crap with everything electronic yesterday! This week has been pretty hard. Still nobody to teach. Or rather we haven't been teaching. There are so many people to teach but no one will let us in. So yeah. Very discouraging. Heavy hearts knowing what they are missing out on.

We had another service opportunity though. With two potential investigators Philip and Greg who we found while tracting. Philip's roof had caved in because of a leak and Greg was working on it. We talked for a while and then after church we helped Philip and Greg out with it. It was sketchy getting on that roof but it was fun increasing those relationships.

I played pod ball for the first time yesterday. My body hurts now! Ow. We had zone conference today in Helena which was tight. I actually did a soapbox sermon :) that was fun. President even congratulated me after wards so I guess I did something good :P There's a giant Mary statue in Butte. When the city's converted we'll knock it down and put up a Christus :) hah.

In district meeting this week I was asked to give a discussion on faith which was cool. I need to work harder I feel like. I feel like I've been slipping in motivation a little because of the lack of people to teach.... It's hard to feel happy about working when you don't feel like it'll go anywhere when no one accepts it. We are close with Philip though. We just need to actually teach, you know?

I'm getting tired of being chased by this stupid 3-legged dog that lives down the street. It's mean. Luckily we're in our car most of the time though.

We got snow last night! Crazy stuff :) hah. Although *lucky* for me (Elder Crockett likes being hot). 😑 Yay.

I think that's it. Super fast, I know. Sorry. I love you all! Feel free to write to me anytime. I love reading your letters. They help out a lot :)

Elder Madsen


We were half tempted by the SL Express shuttle :)

A little bat friend we found on a house

Elder Crockett and a snake

Helping with the roof

Healthy food for the road trip to Helena

First snowfall!


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