October 3, 2016


Dillon, MT


Rodney Crockett

Fight or flight

So this week has been pretty to great :) General conference was the highlight for sure! I'd love to hear any experiences people had this week or during conference. It's been raining pretty crazily for the past few days. I love it :) my companion complains about how cold it is. I complain about how toasty it is :P I like it cold you know?

We had a pretty busy week of just finding... That's all we can do really. Tried talking to a lot of people and get return appointments. I'm thinking about just grabbing my companion, a Book of Mormon, and an old box and just standing in the middle of a parking lot to get some people to teach. Wednesday night was a good day for tracting. We got some return appointments and found some pretty good people we think (and hope). And then we helped Brother Frecker write his seminary lesson late Wednesday night. And then helped teach it early the next morning. No sleep for Elder Madsen...

But then Thursday a large portion of the day was spent getting furniture for our apartment!! So now we have a
dresser and a new table and a couch and some end tables and yay! :) and today I think we're getting carpet for our concrete floor. It's not too fun saying morning prayers on that cold ground. Sometimes we say them in front of the heater. Lately I've just been kneeling on my sandals :) We also got a recliner which is nice hah :) although we're really never around to use it. Oh well. It's the thought that counts right?

We've had some great member lessons with dinners this week :) they feed us pretty good here. Which is almost a bummer. I was hoping to lose some weight :P

We had our first service opportunity! We helped fix a chimney. Okay well *I* helped fix a chimney. Elder Crockett didn't bring clothes to change into so :P
Here's the catch: it was Over 50 miles away..... It's fine :P but we'll be putting a lot of miles on our car.... Oh well. I just hope Elder Baird (vehicle coordinator) is kind to us on miles. My areas are pretty dang huge.

Last night was crazy. We were contacting and finding (like always) and then we hear a dog barking and the sound of paws on pavement. I turn around and oh my goodness. The surge of adrenaline I felt was just incredible. I'm sure I screamed. I turned and RAN. I booked it out of there. I noticed my companion was not with me. I look behind me and he is yelling at the dog and, my word, it backed down. I'm thinking to myself "yup. That's my companion. And I'm a coward." Oh
jeez. I feel pretty embarrassed about that story. Oh well. I'm not a dog person. And after last night I'm definitely not a dog person. But it was pretty interesting. Last night we got back to the apartment at like 9:45 and I was changed and in bed by 10 and I was out. It was wonderful sleep I enjoyed it greatly :) My goal for the mish is to be able to face a dog and bark back. Maybe scare it. I don't know. You know fight or flight? I guess it goes without saying that I'm a flight. Sheesh.

Anyway how was your week? The trees are so nice up
here and the weather is pretty nice too. I really like it :)

Love, Elder Madsen

Pics: Pics show us at a conference viewing/dinner gathering with the district at the Bishop's house. And a buck outside the church after planning meeting. It's been raining a ton lately. Think I should polish my shoes? We actually cooked chili dogs. And I got a visit from a ward member from home. Sorry the pics are turned.


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