September 26, 2016


Dillon, MT


Rodney Crockett

First real week

Well so my first real week has kind of gone by. One week ago was my last day in the MTC and a lot has happened since then.
My companion is Elder Rodney Crockett from Spring City Utah. He's a pretty good guy. He's also our DL. President Wadsworth is awesome. And when he gave Elder Crockett this assignment he said, "Elder Crockett, do you want a challenge?" I think he was referring to training, being a district leader, and opening a new area far away from the guidance and direction from the mission home and hopefully not referring to just training me :P hah! President and I get along very well and he loves my laugh :)

My first area is Dillon Montana. And like I mentioned
earlier we are opening the area pretty much. It's a big task. There's a lot of contacting going on now. Not a lot of investigators or anything. So Elder C and I pretty much just drive around to old investigators and less active members houses and try to get a hold of them. We have a lot of work to do. And the missionaries before us
didn't keep efficient records. So the area book is useless in a lot of ways. But hey, it's all good :) We're on the Lord's side.

Our apartment is a good story. We live with this nice member family. But the apartment was kinda new. As in no pots or pans. 2 bowls, 2 forks, 2 spoons, 2 plates, 2 knives, and an empty fridge. And we had no money.
So :) it's been good though. We had just less than 80 dollars on our church cards that we spent buying toilet paper, cereal, peanut butter, milk, jelly, and a pan and stuff. That money went quick. But we get paid a lot more this week so :) yay. It's Elder C's hump day on the
30th so I'll try to think of something to do to celebrate :)

Our first morning we used up exercise time to bike to a gas station to buy the single most expensive roll of 1 ply toilet paper known to man. Ridiculously expensive :) hah. I think it's quite a good story. But don't worry about us. We're doing great.

We did go tracting that first day. Let me tell you the tracting story. He let me take over after a few doors and we ended up getting a few return appointments which was nice :) But knock on one door and we were about to leave (it had been a while) when we hear footsteps. So we stop and I smile and am about to start the door approach when the guy at the door starts saying, "I've already talked to God so get on out of here". My smile faded when I looked down and saw him pointing a rather large pistol with a silencer at my chest. Finger on the trigger. My heart sunk. We backed up and walked out of
there rather quickly. I did tell him to have a nice day. It's a good thing that didn't make him angry. He was rather drunk. We said a prayer of thanksgiving when we got back to the car. Apparently one of our ZLs had that happen to them too at that same house a long time
ago! Wow. I'm glad I was protected. But I knew that my time wasn't up yet. I'm sure it won't be the last time either. That's why it's so important to pray and to have the Spirit.

Other than that not a lot happened. Again mostly just contacting. Sunday was awesome. We bore
our testimony in sacrament meeting and also to the primary kids. And then just had a good rest of the day teaching one lesson after the other. No day of rest for the missionaries I'm afraid :P

Please feel free to email me anytime! I love reading them and hearing from you all :) I know the Lord loves us.

Never. No... Always Pray :) it helps *so much*
How cool is it that we have ability to talk to the Creator, the most all-knowing and all-powerful Being in the universe? How much cooler is it to realize that He *wants* us to talk to Him!! Ah! :)
Our Father is SO good to us. And also read the power of it. Jacob 5 :) I invite all of you to understand your Divine Heritage a little better.

Elder Madsen

Pics notes:
It's hard taking selfies with an iPad...

Elder Madsen with Elder Crockett at dinner at a member's house, and at a halloween party with kids. Also their retro fridge. They went to contact an investigator and saw that the Jehovah's Witnesses had beaten them to it. They considered throwing it away and leaving a copy of The Restoration pamphlet instead. And he absolutely loved meeting President and Sister Wadsworth.


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