September 13, 2016



Dylan Cronin

The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days

This has been quite an eventful week! Tuesday evening Elder Christofferson paid a special visit to us. I was seriously not more than 15 yards away! AH! Wish I could have shaken his hand. He taught us how we need to "Teach Repentance" and how that needs to be our door approach :P hah. He told us to tell him how that went.

Um then the next day we taught Anatoli annd Taylor but our appointment with Sergio fell through. Anatoli actually smiled! Anatoli never smiles. Brother Kennedy did sit us down and told us how he felt like we are just trying to prove things. Like Joseph Smith's a prophet and here are a bunch of scriptures that prove it. He's right. I'm so... out there. I feel like all i do is talk and dominate the lessons which is alright but definitely not the best. Currently i feel stuck like I want to get out into the field but at the same time there is so much I still need to learn. And i only have a week left! AH! Thursday we invited Taylor and Sergio to be baptized. They declined. But that's okay! Saturday, we committed Sergio to Baptism!! How cool is that?!?!?!? He still has so much to learn but we don't teach him anymore :/ Two other Elders in our zone do. But it really picked me and Elder Cronin up nonetheless.

Apparently BYU lost to the Utes on Sat and all of the stupid Ute fans at the MTC were celebrating. dummies. Just keep in mind that Evil will always win a few battles. But ultimately, Good will win the war.

I've had the chance to talk with Elder Millsap (from home) quite a lot which always brightens my day. Sunday was great! I was asked to bless the Sacrament. I LOVE blessing. It for some reason makes the meeting a lot more meaningful to me. And then I was also asked to teach Elder's Quorum. (Oh well, you can run but you can't hide I guess). But the lesson went really well! I taught on Repentance and Consecrated Oil. Thank you Zone Leaders for those two completely unrelated topics. But hey, I made it work :)

Today we got to go to the temple. Elder Cronin made me wake up at 4 in the morning. Yep. You heard me. Four o'clock. We hit the 5:40 session and then ate breakfast at the temple which I still think is weird but it tasted really good. But needless to say, at 4 am I lose my cherub-like demeanor. And may or may not have fallen asleep in the session..... On Sunday Elder Ballard came and talked with us as well! And Elder Oaks is coming tonight!! AH!!

Choir was super fun with Elder Farrara. I've missed choir. We did sing a lot last night and someone pounded on our door to make us shut up. Oh well. sue me. I love music :) I ain't ashamed. No regrets :P.

Today has been quite eventful as well. We woke up at four. Temple. Polished shoes. Picked up dry cleaning. Got haircuts. Got my flu shot.... Laundry and now email. Sadly i don't have my ipad yet :/ but soon. One week left. How are you all doing? I love getting stuff. Emails, letters, all of the above :) Mum-Mum, the cinnamon rolls were phenomenal :) thank you.!

Elder Madsen


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