September 6, 2016



Dylan Cronin

First P-day

Mom and Dad,

Finally P-Day is here!! Everyone says wait till Sunday and the days will fly by. I say wait until P-day. This week has seriously been an eternity long. But at the same time Friday-Monday went relatively fast. Which is weird. It's so weird to think that one week ago i was eating my own food at my own house in my own bed. Things changed way quickly.

Dee is what we call a PI and we taught her in person. But only 3 times. Now we are teaching Anatoli, Taylor, and Sergio. Three different investigators. It's going well. We had our first lessons all yesterday. and our next appointments are tomorrow. With teaching Taylor, they say don't memorize the lessons and I am not trying to but, I felt like it was just repetition and I didn't really feel the Spirit. But I was a lot better with Sergio. He asks a lot of questions.

The food here is alright. Not yours of course. I don't know why everyone complains about it. The only reason I complain about it is because it makes Elder Cronin so gas-y.... Elder Farrara and I are becoming way good friends.

I've gotten homesick like crazy. It just comes on and off in waves. Night time and Sunday was the worst for me cause they give me time to think. But last night was special. Elder Farrara and I (I call him Ferrari) just talked about home and homesickness. I wouldn't have ever guessed he was. He is such a good missionary. I guess I feel like it's a boost for me. That even though there are times where I'm homesick, to realize I can still be a good missionary is encouraging if i just put in the work. But last night he and i talked about home and girls and we laughed and I showed him my pictures and read him Elder Holland's excerpt from the family devo. I felt a lot of peace after that.

SO thankful for the Holy Ghost. I could NOT make it without His help. The night before we leave we decided to have a blessing circle. Just the 4 of us. I think that will help us, me, out a lot. But also don't feel like i'm not enjoying it here, because I am. It just gets a little hard sometimes. But i pray and read and feel the Spirit. And know that this is the perfect place for me to be right now.

Today we get to go to the temple. Super stoked for that. And Elder Oaks is coming to a devotional on the 13! I'll probably email tonight because i forgot my camera at the dorm so no pictures yet.. Sorry. It's not like i took a lot anyway... But i did take some!

All y'all are in my prayers. Every morning and night. I love you Mom and miss you so much. and everyone else too but you a lot. So glad to hear that BYU won. The 2nd Counselor in our Branch Presidency was talking to us about it on our sunday walk to the temple. He's so funny. But he just got released because he got called as bishop back in his home ward. He hasn't been to his home ward in 8 years.. His name is Brother Maag. Funny guy.

Sacrament meeting was different. But not bad. I had been waiting for the sacrament and P-day for basically forever. 103 left am i right? Um.. let's see. I love thinking about the atonement as a buoy rather than just a way to receive a mission for our sins. D&C 110:4. That's all I can really think about to say. Um I love you and I'll see if i can email you again tonight

P.S. Laundry day!!!

-Elder Madsen


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