July 3, 2017


Ulan Ude


Elder Creer

A Peaceful Week

On Sun, Jul 2, 2017 at 10:01 PM, Gavin Lawrence wrote: Hey all! After all the craziness of the last couple weeks, we finally got a big of a break this week, a nice return to the normal volunteer routine and schedule. We're basically all just waiting for the big changes that are likely going to come once we really start putting the missions together. President Lamb flew into country about 2 days ago, he's spending a couple days in Novosibirksk and then coming out to Irkutsk, where he'll have his first zone conference. Elder Memmott and I got to talk to him this morning over the phone, he seems like a great guy and we're all excited to work with him. I don't think it's fully set in yet that President Perkinson really won't be our mission president anymore, though. We all loved him a ton and it's been really hard to see him go. But the work goes on!
Nothing much to report this week. Zahar was set apart yesterday as the young men's president, he's excited to serve and we're all excited to work with him. He's doing great, and will likely receive his partriarchal blessing at the end of August!
It sounds like I'll be staying in Ulan-Ude for at least another transfer, which I'm ecstatic about. I love the members here and it's really an incredible place.
Love you all!! Thanks for everything!!
Elder Lawrence
1 - the route from one side of our mission to the other. Either 90 hours by boat/car, or a 12 hour plane ride. We've got a lot of ground to cover :)
2 - Two Mongolian monks we saw on the street! We asked if we could take a picture and ended up exchanging numbers with their translator (the woman on the left) who wanted to meet up and practice english with her and her daughter. That's one of our best methods for finding new people and inviting them to learn, so obviously we were ecstatic!
3 - Dinner at the Bushlaevs house
4 - President Sulemanov, the district president here! He is an awesome guy who was instrumental in helping my Grandpa open Irkutsk to the gospel when he served here. We took a funny picture and then didn't have time to take a good one, so this is all we've got :)


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