May 20, 2018




Elder Creer

It Snowed In May Tho

On Sun, May 20, 2018 at 9:02 PM, Lawrence Gavin wrote: Hey all! This week's been grand!
First off, a quick report on Nikolai and his family. They're doing amazing! We were able to meet with Nikolai twice this week, once with his wife and once with his son. He wants his whole family to be on the same page as far as the lessons go, so he's been listening to certain lessons multiple times to get his wife and son caught up. As it stands, their plan is to be baptized all together sometime this summer. He won't settle on a date just yet, but we're hoping we can use me going home to quicken their pace a little. He's almost through Mosiah in the BoM, and he took two more BoMs this week so that Dima and Katya could read at the same time. His mom has even started asking questions and wants to read as well! Such a miracle family.

Speaking of miracles, we had a great one regarding Nikolai last week that I didn't have time to write about. So we tried to call him last Monday night after finally getting his number again that Sunday, only to find that the number we'd written down was one digit short. So we panicked a little (read: a lot) and were about to resign to just scratching it and hoping he wasn't offended by two weeks of silence. But then we both had a feeling that we should just start adding numbers and trying to get in touch with him. Mathematically, the chance of us guessing that number right was essentially 8 to the 9th power (I think. I haven't done real math in a very long time). We started out, expecting this to be a multi-day and very awkward process. Long story short, after both of us receiving a prompting to start adding zeroes first, we called through to him on the third try! I was literally mind-blown. Such strong evidence that the Lord wants this work to go forward as much as we do, and he's always willing to give us what we need to get it done.
We were able to translate for a Coordination Council this week, which was awesome! The District Presidents and District RS presidents from all three districts in the mission gathered together in the mission home to discuss that state of the mission. I loved the opportunity to see so many solid members all together and working to progress the Lord's work here. Reassuring to know that even if worst comes to worst and we're required to leave the country, the church is in good hands here.
I'm loving it out here! The branch is amazing, so much love here for my Grandpa and Grandma that gets automatically transferred to me. I'm definitely a little spoiled :) So grateful that they left such a great legacy here and did so much good, I want to do the same!
Thanks for everything! Love you all!
Elder Lawrence
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